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LDLT: Diagnostic Markers of Liver Regeneration to Predict OutcomesGrant Why?
Burdick, JasonPerson Why?
Mechanically stable surface-hydrophobilized chitosan nanofibrous barrier membranes for guided bone regeneration.Academic Article Why?
Islet Regeneration: Endogenous and Exogenous Approaches.Academic Article Why?
Accelerated Bone Regeneration by Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Dots Functionalized with Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles.Academic Article Why?
Activin betaC and betaE genes are not essential for mouse liver growth, differentiation, and regeneration.Academic Article Why?
An improved collagen scaffold for skeletal regeneration.Academic Article Why?
Bioactive factors for cartilage repair and regeneration: Improving delivery, retention, and activity.Academic Article Why?
Differential gene expression analysis identified determinants of cell fate plasticity during radiation-induced regeneration in Drosophila.Academic Article Why?
Engineering on the straight and narrow: the mechanics of nanofibrous assemblies for fiber-reinforced tissue regeneration.Academic Article Why?
Impact of Release Kinetics on Efficacy of Locally Delivered Parathyroid Hormone for Bone Regeneration Applications.Academic Article Why?
Influence of structural load-bearing scaffolds on mechanical load- and BMP-2-mediated bone regeneration.Academic Article Why?
Microgels: Modular, tunable constructs for tissue regeneration.Academic Article Why?
Recapitulating bone development through engineered mesenchymal condensations and mechanical cues for tissue regeneration.Academic Article Why?
A 3-D cardiac muscle construct for exploring adult marrow stem cell based myocardial regeneration.Academic Article Why?
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