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Peptide-targeted radionuclide therapy for melanoma.Academic Article Why?
Chin, BennettPerson Why?
Urokinase plasminogen activator receptor (uPAR) targeted nuclear imaging and radionuclide therapy.Academic Article Why?
Quantitative single-particle digital autoradiography with a-particle emitters for targeted radionuclide therapy using the iQID camera.Academic Article Why?
The efficacy of (177)Lu-labelled peptide receptor radionuclide therapy in patients with neuroendocrine tumours: a meta-analysis.Academic Article Why?
Miao, YubinPerson Why?
Small Animal PET/SPECT/CT Molecular ImagingGrant Why?
Axillary Staging After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer: A Pilot Study Combining Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy with Radioactive Seed Localization of Pre-treatment Positive Axillary Lymph Nodes.Academic Article Why?
Novel Receptor-Targeting Theranostic Peptides for Prostate CancerGrant Why?
Miller, BrianPerson Why?
Time to therapy and salvage in myocardial infarction.Academic Article Why?
Subtle Lisfranc Injuries: A Topical Review and Modification of the Classification System.Academic Article Why?
Prognostic significance of PET assessment of metabolic response to therapy in oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma.Academic Article Why?
The effects of intermittent, CD4-guided antiretroviral therapy on body composition and metabolic parameters.Academic Article Why?
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