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D'Alessandro, AngeloPerson Why?
Lau, EdwardPerson Why?
Hansen, KirkPerson Why?
New Strategies and Challenges in Lung Proteomics and MetabolomicsGrant Why?
Advances in human proteomics at high scale with the SOMAscan proteomics platform.Academic Article Why?
Blood-related proteomics.Academic Article Why?
Dosage and temporal thresholds in microRNA proteomics.Academic Article Why?
Computation-assisted targeted proteomics of alternative splicing protein isoforms in the human heart.Academic Article Why?
Prioritizing Proteomics Assay Development for Clinical Translation.Academic Article Why?
Proteomics approaches shed new light on hibernation physiology.Academic Article Why?
Proteomics: recent applications and new technologies.Academic Article Why?
Proximity-based proteomics reveals the thylakoid lumen proteome in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002.Academic Article Why?
Shotgun Proteomics Sample Processing Automated by an Open-Source Lab Robot.Academic Article Why?
Application of Proteomics in Sarcoidosis.Academic Article Why?
Applying proteomics to signaling networks.Academic Article Why?
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