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Rawlings, JuliaPerson Why?
Labor costs and economic impact of a primary care clinical pharmacy service on postfracture care in postmenopausal women.Academic Article Why?
Report of the 2009-2010 Professional Affairs Committee: pharmacist integration in primary care and the role of academic pharmacy.Academic Article Why?
Evolution, current structure, and role of a primary care clinical pharmacy service in an integrated managed care organization.Academic Article Why?
Factors influencing the acceptance of referrals for clinical pharmacist managed disease states in primary care.Academic Article Why?
Actual versus projected cost avoidance for clinical pharmacy specialist-initiated medication conversions in a primary care setting in an integrated health system.Academic Article Why?
Pharmacy clarification of prescriptions ordered in primary care: a report from the Applied Strategies for Improving Patient Safety (ASIPS) collaborative.Academic Article Why?
Impact on an integrated psychiatric pharmacy service in a primary care clinic.Academic Article Why?
Trinkley, KatyPerson Why?
Evaluation of a Clinical Pharmacist-Led Multidisciplinary Antidepressant Telemonitoring Service in the Primary Care Setting.Academic Article Why?
Saseen, JosephPerson Why?
Billups, SarahPerson Why?
Kempe, AllisonPerson Why?
Loeb, DaniellePerson Why?
Rapid-cycle Survey Collaborative for Provider Input on Immunization IssuesGrant Why?
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