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Informing Patient-Centered Care Through Stakeholder Engagement and Highly Stratified Quantitative Benefit-Harm Assessments.Academic Article Why?
Keeping risk in context while rethinking the setting of asthma biologics in patient-centered care.Academic Article Why?
Improving personal health records for patient-centered care.Academic Article Why?
Practicing the fundamentals of patient-centered care.Academic Article Why?
Dickinson, WPerson Why?
Patient-Centered Care Management/Seniors/MultimorbiditiesGrant Why?
Patient Roadmaps for Chronic Illness: Introducing a New Approach for Fostering Patient-Centered Care.Academic Article Why?
Providing patient-centered care in the digital era.Academic Article Why?
Patient-Centered CareConcept Why?
Is evidence-based medicine patient-centered and is patient-centered care evidence-based?Academic Article Why?
Patient-centered care for left ventricular assist device therapy: current challenges and future directions.Academic Article Why?
Perspectives in primary care: implementing patient-centered care coordination for individuals with multiple chronic medical conditions.Academic Article Why?
Glasgow, RussellPerson Why?
Bayliss, ElizabethPerson Why?
Patient-centered care requires a patient-oriented workflow model.Academic Article Why?
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