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4D Materials with Photoadaptable Properties Instruct and Enhance Intestinal Organoid Development.Academic Article Why?
Tissue geometry drives deterministic organoid patterning.Academic Article Why?
Generation and Culture of Lingual Organoids Derived from Adult Mouse Taste Stem Cells.Academic Article Why?
Human Organoids Share Structural and Genetic Features with Primary Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Tumors.Academic Article Why?
Human retinal organoids release extracellular vesicles that regulate gene expression in target human retinal progenitor cells.Academic Article Why?
In situ modulation of intestinal organoid epithelial curvature through photoinduced viscoelasticity directs crypt morphogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Editorial: Accelerated Translation Using Microphysiological Organoid and Microfluidic Chip Models.Academic Article Why?
Generation of functional thymic organoids from human pluripotent stem cells.Academic Article Why?
Leveraging the strengths of mice, human stem cells, and organoids to model pancreas development and diabetes.Academic Article Why?
3D printing of sacrificial thioester elastomers using digital light processing for templating 3D organoid structures in soft biomatrices.Academic Article Why?
The Effect of Thiol Structure on Allyl Sulfide Photodegradable Hydrogels and their Application as a Degradable Scaffold for Organoid Passaging.Academic Article Why?
Adipose-depleted mammary epithelial cells and organoids.Academic Article Why?
Episodic live imaging of cone photoreceptor maturation in GNAT2-EGFP retinal organoids.Academic Article Why?
Middle-out methods for spatiotemporal tissue engineering of organoids.Academic Article Why?
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