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Identifying opportunities for pediatric medication therapy management in children with medical complexity.Academic Article Why?
Medication Therapy ManagementConcept Why?
A coordinated approach for managing polypharmacy among children with medical complexity: rationale and design of the Pediatric Medication Therapy Management (pMTM) randomized controlled trial.Academic Article Why?
A novel advanced pharmacy practice experience training model focused on medication therapy management delivery within provider offices.Academic Article Why?
Review of survey articles regarding medication therapy management (MTM) services/programs in the United States.Academic Article Why?
Geriatric Assessments and Medication Therapy Management Approaches in Elderly Oncology Patients.Academic Article Why?
Validation of a patient-level medication regimen complexity index as a possible tool to identify patients for medication therapy management intervention.Academic Article Why?
Nuffer, WesleyPerson Why?
Orth, LucasPerson Why?
Assessment of the impact of medication therapy management delivered to home-based Medicare beneficiaries.Academic Article Why?
Effect of an Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience on Medication Therapy Management Services in a Centralized Retail Pharmacy Program.Academic Article Why?
Establishment and Implementation of a Required Medication Therapy Management Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience.Academic Article Why?
The need for more evidence-based studies to justify the economic value for the provision of medication therapy management and other clinical pharmacy services.Academic Article Why?
Feinstein, JamesPerson Why?
Appropriate Titration of Basal Insulin in Type 2 Diabetes and the Potential Role of the Pharmacist.Academic Article Why?
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