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Nurses'Working Conditions: Effects on Medication SafetyGrant Why?
Feinstein, JamesPerson Why?
Enhancing Medication Safety in Children with Polypharmacy Using Parent-Reported Symptom AssessmentsGrant Why?
Advancing pediatric medication safety using real-world data: Current problems and potential solutions.Academic Article Why?
An mHealth Design to Promote Medication Safety in Children with Medical Complexity.Academic Article Why?
Real-World Evidence to Assess Medication Safety or Effectiveness in Children: Systematic Review.Academic Article Why?
Improving Medication Safety for Medically Complex Children with mHealth Across Caregiving NetworksGrant Why?
Medication safety teams' guided implementation of electronic medication administration records in five nursing homes.Academic Article Why?
"Lock to Live" for firearm and medication safety: Feasibility and acceptability of a suicide prevention tool in a learning healthcare system.Academic Article Why?
Iatrogenic phenol injury: a case report and review of medication safety and labeling practices with flexible laryngoscopy.Academic Article Why?
Use of a Medication Safety Audit and Feedback Tool in the Emergency Department Is Affected by Prescribing Characteristics.Academic Article Why?
Rawlings, JuliaPerson Why?
Safety of medications used to treat acute agitation.Academic Article Why?
Pepper, GinettePerson Why?
Efficacy, acceptability and safety of medication abortion in low-income, urban Latina women.Academic Article Why?
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