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Cox, RebeccaPerson Why?
Insomnia phenotypes and their impact on maternal and infant healthGrant Why?
Matthews, EllynPerson Why?
Meltzer, LisaPerson Why?
Follow-Up Analyses From a Wait-List Controlled Trial of Occupational Therapist-Delivered Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia Among Veterans With Chronic Insomnia.Academic Article Why?
Psychometric evaluation of the Insomnia Symptom Questionnaire: a self-report measure to identify chronic insomnia.Academic Article Why?
Association Between Insomnia and Asthma?Burden in the Severe Asthma Research Program (SARP) III.Academic Article Why?
Associations of adverse childhood experiences with adolescent total sleep time, social jetlag, and insomnia symptoms.Academic Article Why?
Delayed circadian rhythms and insomnia symptoms in obsessive-compulsive disorder.Academic Article Why?
Insomnia and posttraumatic stress symptoms: Evidence of shared etiology.Academic Article Why?
Interactive effects of insomnia symptoms and trauma exposure on PTSD: Examination of symptom specificity.Academic Article Why?
Linking insomnia and OCD symptoms during the coronavirus pandemic: Examination of prospective associations.Academic Article Why?
Onset of regular cannabis use and young adult insomnia: an analysis of shared genetic liability.Academic Article Why?
Seeing the Whole Elephant: a scoping review of behavioral treatments for pediatric insomnia.Academic Article Why?
Stepped care management of insomnia co-occurring with sleep apnea: the AIR study protocol.Academic Article Why?
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