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Association of Arterial Hyperoxia With Outcomes in Critically Ill Children: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.Academic Article Why?
Aurothioglucose enhances proangiogenic pathway activation in lungs from room air and hyperoxia-exposed newborn mice.Academic Article Why?
Hyperoxia-induced NF-kappaB activation occurs via a maturationally sensitive atypical pathway.Academic Article Why?
Intrauterine Growth Restriction and Hyperoxia as a Cause of White Matter Injury.Academic Article Why?
L-arginine enhances injury in the isolated rabbit lung during hyperoxia.Academic Article Why?
Linking Hyperoxia and Harm: Consequence or Merely Subsequence?Academic Article Why?
NO inhibits hyperoxia-induced NF-?B activation in neonatal pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells.Academic Article Why?
Widening Evidence-Base of Risk With Hyperoxia.Academic Article Why?
Association Between Hyperoxia, Supplemental Oxygen, and Mortality in Critically Injured Patients.Academic Article Why?
HyperoxiaConcept Why?
Neonatal Modulation of Airway ContractilityGrant Why?
Abca3 haploinsufficiency is a risk factor for lung injury induced by hyperoxia or mechanical ventilation in a murine model.Academic Article Why?
Hyperoxia is associated with a greater risk for mortality in critically ill traumatic brain injury patients than in critically ill trauma patients without brain injury.Academic Article Why?
Incidence of Hyperoxia in Combat Wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan: A Potential Opportunity for Oxygen Conservation.Academic Article Why?
Maternal Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Sustained Impairment of Lung Structure and Function and Increases Susceptibility to Hyperoxia-induced Lung Injury in Infant Rats.Academic Article Why?
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