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Disparities in Palliative Care Utilization Among Hospitalized People With Huntington Disease: A National Cross-Sectional Study.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of Striatal Acetylcholine Transmission by Choinergic InterneuronsGrant Why?
International meeting Neural Transplantation and RepairGrant Why?
Functional roles for the striatal-enriched transcription factor, Bcl11b, in the control of striatal gene expression and transcriptional dysregulation in Huntington's disease.Academic Article Why?
Expression profiling of Huntington's disease models suggests that brain-derived neurotrophic factor depletion plays a major role in striatal degeneration.Academic Article Why?
A single-chain Fv intrabody provides functional protection against the effects of mutant protein in an organotypic slice culture model of Huntington's disease.Academic Article Why?
Safety and Tolerability of SRX246, a Vasopressin 1a Antagonist, in Irritable Huntington's Disease Patients-A Randomized Phase 2 Clinical Trial.Academic Article Why?
Sex-dependent impaired locomotion and motor coordination in the HdhQ200/200 mouse model of Huntington's Disease.Academic Article Why?
Meaning and purpose in Huntington's disease: a longitudinal study of its impact on quality of life.Academic Article Why?
A Case of Attempted Suicide in Huntington's Disease: Ethical and Moral Considerations.Academic Article Why?
Novel BAC Mouse Model of Huntington's Disease with 225 CAG Repeats Exhibits an Early Widespread and Stable Degenerative Phenotype.Academic Article Why?
Comparative Modeling of Neurodegenerative DiseasesGrant Why?
Potter, HuntingtonPerson Why?
Reduced Mitochondrial Function in Human Huntington Disease Lymphoblasts is Not Due to Alterations in Cardiolipin Metabolism or Mitochondrial Supercomplex Assembly.Academic Article Why?
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