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Howell, DavidPerson Why?
Optimizing Gait Rehabilitation for Veterans with Non-Traumatic Lower Limb AmputationGrant Why?
Christiansen, CoryPerson Why?
Turn Characteristics During Gait Differ With and Without a Cognitive Demand Among College Athletes.Academic Article Why?
Prognosis for Persistent Post Concussion Symptoms using a Multifaceted Objective Gait and Balance Assessment Approach.Academic Article Why?
A Longitudinal Review of Gait Following Treatment for Idiopathic Clubfoot: Gait Analysis at 2 and 5 Years of Age.Academic Article Why?
Measurements of temporal aspects of gait obtained with a multimemory stopwatch in persons with gait impairments.Academic Article Why?
The role of gait analysis in treating gait abnormalities in cerebral palsy.Academic Article Why?
Bilateral Gait 6 and 12 Months Post-Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Compared with Controls.Academic Article Why?
Calcaneus gait following treatment for clubfoot: preliminary results of surgical correction.Academic Article Why?
Dual-Task Gait Stability after Concussion and Subsequent Injury: An Exploratory Investigation.Academic Article Why?
Effects of BMI on Walking Speed and Gait Biomechanics after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction.Academic Article Why?
Gait analysis after initial nonoperative treatment for clubfeet: intermediate term followup at age 5.Academic Article Why?
Gait analysis and muscle strength in children with surgically treated clubfeet.Academic Article Why?
Gait analysis in children with severe clubfeet: early results of physiotherapy versus surgical release.Academic Article Why?
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