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Evidence based medicine: increasing, not dictating, choice.Academic Article Why?
Evidence based medicine: looking forward and building on what we have learnt.Academic Article Why?
The value of evidence-based medicine.Academic Article Why?
Bero, LisaPerson Why?
Evidence-based medicine: facial skin malignancy.Academic Article Why?
Reply to 'The case for evidence-based medicine for the association between hyperuricaemia and CKD'.Academic Article Why?
Glasgow, RussellPerson Why?
Editorial: Educating Health Professionals in Genomic Medicine: Evidence-Based Strategies and Approaches.Academic Article Why?
Evidence-Based MedicineConcept Why?
Is evidence-based medicine patient-centered and is patient-centered care evidence-based?Academic Article Why?
Predictors of early discontinuation of evidence-based medicine after acute coronary syndrome.Academic Article Why?
The truth is out there: a guide to the pitfalls of interpreting evidence-based medicine in studies of human reproduction.Academic Article Why?
University of Colorado department of psychiatry evidence-based medicine educational project.Academic Article Why?
Balancing evidence-based medicine and cultural competence in the quest to end healthcare disparities.Academic Article Why?
Development and Validation of a Test for Competence in Evidence-Based Medicine.Academic Article Why?
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