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Dry eye syndrome: an update in office management.Academic Article Why?
Dry Eye SyndromesConcept Why?
Effect of human milk as a treatment for dry eye syndrome in a mouse model.Academic Article Why?
Tear-deficient and evaporative dry eye syndromes of the horse.Academic Article Why?
Chronic dry eye symptoms after LASIK: parallels and lessons to be learned from other persistent post-operative pain disorders.Academic Article Why?
Evidence that Dry Eye Represents a Chronic Overlapping Pain Condition.Academic Article Why?
Hauswirth, ScottPerson Why?
Neuropathic Ocular Pain due to Dry Eye is Associated with Multiple Comorbid Chronic Pain Syndromes.Academic Article Why?
Levitt, AlexandraPerson Why?
2009 Salivary Glands and Exocrine Secretion Gordon Research ConferenceGrant Why?
Gregory, DarrenPerson Why?
Gelston, ChristopherPerson Why?
Relative costs of various preserved artificial tear solutions for the treatment of dry eye conditions.Academic Article Why?
The ophthalmologic management of acute Stevens-Johnson syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Reyland, MaryPerson Why?
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