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Hoenger, AndreasPerson Why?
Three-dimensional cryo-electron microscopy on intermediate filaments.Academic Article Why?
Midwest Consortium for High Resolution Cryoelectron MicroscopyGrant Why?
Cryoelectron MicroscopyConcept Why?
Practical Experience with Hole-Free Phase Plates for Cryo Electron Microscopy.Academic Article Why?
High-resolution cryo-electron microscopy on macromolecular complexes and cell organelles.Academic Article Why?
Metallothionein as a clonable high-density marker for cryo-electron microscopy.Academic Article Why?
Seeded microtubule growth for cryoelectron microscopy of end-binding proteins.Academic Article Why?
Structural analysis of the microtubule-kinesin complex by cryo-electron microscopy.Academic Article Why?
Arrangement of the respiratory chain complexes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae supercomplex III2IV2 revealed by single particle cryo-electron microscopy.Academic Article Why?
Visualisation of the actin cytoskeleton by cryo-electron microscopy.Academic Article Why?
Vicens, QuentinPerson Why?
Cryoelectron microscopy reveals new features in the three-dimensional structure of phosphorylase kinase.Academic Article Why?
Mastronarde, DavidPerson Why?
A three-dimensional cryo-electron microscopy structure of the bacteriophage phiKZ head.Academic Article Why?
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