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Combat DisordersConcept Why?
Kinney, AdamPerson Why?
Brostow, DianaPerson Why?
Deployment characteristics and long-term PTSD symptoms.Academic Article Why?
Effectiveness of national implementation of prolonged exposure therapy in Veterans Affairs care.Academic Article Why?
Protective and Health-Related Factors Contributing to Resilience Among Student Veterans: A Classification Approach.Academic Article Why?
Protective factors that mitigate the indirect risk of combat exposure upon meaning in life: A longitudinal study of student veterans.Academic Article Why?
STRONG STAR and the Consortium to Alleviate PTSD: Shaping the future of combat PTSD and related conditions in military and veteran populations.Academic Article Why?
Changes in physiological reactivity in response to the trauma memory during prolonged exposure and virtual reality exposure therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder.Academic Article Why?
Elevated cytotoxicity in combat veterans with long-term post-traumatic stress disorder: preliminary observations.Academic Article Why?
Facilitating Fear-Based Memory Extinction With Dexamethasone: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Male Veterans With Combat-Related PTSD.Academic Article Why?
Factors distinguishing veterans participating in supported education services from veterans on campus: Evidence supporting modifiable intervention targets.Academic Article Why?
The wounded spirit: a cultural formulation of post-traumatic stress disorder.Academic Article Why?
Abnormal N-acetylaspartate in hippocampus and anterior cingulate in posttraumatic stress disorder.Academic Article Why?
An economic evaluation of telehealth data collection with rural populations.Academic Article Why?
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