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Blood Coagulation TestsConcept Why?
Davizon-Castillo, PavelPerson Why?
Fibrinolysis Shutdown Correlation with Thromboembolic Events in Severe COVID-19 Infection.Academic Article Why?
Performance characteristics of the turbidimetric ACL-TOP CTS 300 coagulation analyzer in dogs and cats.Academic Article Why?
Wright, FranklinPerson Why?
Ng, ChristopherPerson Why?
Kiser, TyPerson Why?
Current approaches to diagnostic testing in von Willebrand Disease.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of a Heparin-Calibrated Antifactor Xa Assay for Measuring the Anticoagulant Effect of Oral Direct Xa Inhibitors.Academic Article Why?
The hypercoagulability paradox of chronic kidney disease: The role of fibrinogen.Academic Article Why?
Microfluidic technology as an emerging clinical tool to evaluate thrombosis and hemostasis.Academic Article Why?
Banerjee, AnirbanPerson Why?
Silliman, ChristopherPerson Why?
Lind, StuartPerson Why?
Dumont, LarryPerson Why?
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