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New Pharmacologic Measures of ART Adherence and Exposure: Pathway to Clinical ImplementationGrant Why?
Integrating the Practical Robust Implementation and Sustainability Model With Best Practices in Clinical Decision Support Design: Implementation Science Approach.Academic Article Why?
Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium Guideline for CYP2D6, OPRM1, and COMT Genotypes and Select Opioid Therapy.Academic Article Why?
IMPlementation to Achieve Clinical Transformation (IMPACT): The Colorado Training ProgramGrant Why?
Implementation Research Agenda: Appropriate Use of Clinical Preventive ServicesGrant Why?
Clinical implementation of pharmacogenomics via a health system-wide research biobank: the University of Colorado experience.Academic Article Why?
Combined cancer patient-reported symptom and health utility tool for routine clinical implementation: a real-world comparison of the ESAS and EQ-5D in multiple cancer sites.Academic Article Why?
Commissioning and clinical implementation of a mega-voltage cone beam CT system for treatment localization.Academic Article Why?
First clinical implementation of real-time, real anatomy tracking and radiation beam control.Academic Article Why?
Lee, Yee MingPerson Why?
Glasgow, RussellPerson Why?
Implementation of the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Assessment Test in clinical practice.Academic Article Why?
Anderson, SarahPerson Why?
Adoption of a clinical pharmacogenomics implementation program during outpatient care--initial results of the University of Chicago "1,200 Patients Project".Academic Article Why?
Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of clinical practice guidelines: a cross-sectional survey among physicians in Estonia.Academic Article Why?
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