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Histone modifications for chromatin dynamics and cellular plasticity.Academic Article Why?
Nucleosome dynamics during chromatin remodeling in vivo.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of protein domains and Rett syndrome mutations indicate that multiple regions influence chromatin-binding dynamics of the chromatin-associated protein MECP2 in vivo.Academic Article Why?
Ramachandran, SrinivasPerson Why?
Conformational Dynamics of Histone H3 Tails in Chromatin.Academic Article Why?
Bivalent interaction of the PZP domain of BRPF1 with the nucleosome impacts chromatin dynamics and acetylation.Academic Article Why?
RNA Pol II Dynamics Modulate Co-transcriptional Chromatin Modification, CTD Phosphorylation, and Transcriptional Direction.Academic Article Why?
Live-cell imaging reveals the dynamics of PRC2 and recruitment to chromatin by SUZ12-associated subunits.Academic Article Why?
Kutateladze, TatianaPerson Why?
RNA dynamics in the developing mouse faceGrant Why?
MII Regulation of HematopoiesisGrant Why?
Cech, ThomasPerson Why?
Musselman, CatherinePerson Why?
Klein, BriannaPerson Why?
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