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Magin, ChelseaPerson Why?
3D Printed In Vitro Dentin Model to Investigate Occlusive Agents against Tooth Sensitivity.Academic Article Why?
Biofabrication strategies for 3D in vitro models and regenerative medicine.Academic Article Why?
Bio-inspired 3D Cell Culture Platforms for Improved Modeling of Lung Epithelium In VitroGrant Why?
The role of SASH1 in skin pigmentationGrant Why?
Shellman, YiqunPerson Why?
TFIIH and Transcription RegulationGrant Why?
Mediator Kinases and Transcription RegulationGrant Why?
Biomolecule-Directed Assembly for Enhancing Near IR Energy Transfer Processes in TheranosticsGrant Why?
Taatjes, DylanPerson Why?
Bryant, StephaniePerson Why?
Goodwin, AndrewPerson Why?
Cha, JenniferPerson Why?
Park, WounjhangPerson Why?
Burdick, JasonPerson Why?
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