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An Innovative Model of Urgent Care for the Underserved: A Case Report of an Urban Hospital-Affiliated Federally Qualified Health Center Urgent Care Clinic.Academic Article Why?
Delivery of Standardized Patient Instructions in the After-Visit Summary Reduces Telephone Calls Between Clinic Visits.Academic Article Why?
Adapting ambulatory care learning environments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.Academic Article Why?
Adequacy of two ambulatory care surveillance systems for tracking childhood obesity practice patterns.Academic Article Why?
Defining and evaluating quality for ambulatory care educational programs.Academic Article Why?
Exploring the Use of Complementary and Integrative Health Modalities in Urgent Care for Acute Pain.Academic Article Why?
Modeling the impact of Medicare Advantage payment cuts on ambulatory care sensitive and elective hospitalizations.Academic Article Why?
Strategies for efficient and effective teaching in the ambulatory care setting.Academic Article Why?
Family Physicians' Contributions to Rural Emergency Care and Urban Urgent Care.Academic Article Why?
Telemedicine Familiarity and Post-Disaster Utilization of Emergency and Hospital Services for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions.Academic Article Why?
High-Deductible Plans May Reduce Ambulatory Care Use.Academic Article Why?
[Behavior of the body weight in 2261 maturity-onset diabetics under conditions of ambulatory care].Academic Article Why?
Antibiotic Prescribing Variability in a Large Urgent Care Network: A New Target for Outpatient Stewardship.Academic Article Why?
Evaluating the prescribing and monitoring of medications associated with QTc-prolongation in the ambulatory care setting.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of an Integrated Psychology Service in a Pediatric Emergency Department and Urgent Care.Academic Article Why?
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