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Baugh, ChristinePerson Why?
A Pediatric Hospital Policy for Medical Marijuana Use.Academic Article Why?
Concussions, professional sports, and conflicts of interest: why the national football league's current policies are bad for its (players') health.Academic Article Why?
Conflicts between Religious Institutional Directives and State Laws for Medical Aid in Dying.Academic Article Why?
Conflicts of interest in academic research: policies, processes, and attitudes.Academic Article Why?
Flexibility in faculty work-life policies at medical schools in the Big Ten conference.Academic Article Why?
Implementation of financial disclosure policies to manage conflicts of interest.Academic Article Why?
Supporting sexual activity in long-term care.Academic Article Why?
Alcohol and managerial performance.Academic Article Why?
Changing policies on vaginal birth after cesarean: impact on access.Academic Article Why?
Factors impacting the departure rates of female and male junior medical school faculty: evidence from a longitudinal analysis.Academic Article Why?
How Should STFM Respond to Political and Societal Issues?Academic Article Why?
If you want to fix crowding, start by fixing your hospital.Academic Article Why?
Obstacles to effective alcohol policy in the workplace: a case study.Academic Article Why?
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