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Del Chiaro, MarcoPerson Why?
Schulick, RichardPerson Why?
Oba, AtsushiPerson Why?
Messersmith, WellsPerson Why?
NQO1 Inhibitors and Pancreatic Cancer TherapyGrant Why?
Clinicopathological Characteristics of Young Patients With Pancreatic Cancer: An Analysis of Data From Pancreatic Cancer Registry of Japan Pancreas Society.Academic Article Why?
Comparative testing of various pancreatic cancer stem cells results in a novel class of pancreatic-cancer-initiating cells.Academic Article Why?
Neoadjuvant Treatment in Locally Advanced and Borderline Resectable Pancreatic Cancer vs Primary Resectable Pancreatic Cancer.Academic Article Why?
ASGE guideline on screening for pancreatic cancer in individuals with genetic susceptibility: summary and recommendations.Academic Article Why?
High CA19-9 level in resectable pancreatic cancer is a potential indication of neoadjuvant treatment.Academic Article Why?
Landmark Series: Neoadjuvant Treatment in Borderline Resectable Pancreatic Cancer.Academic Article Why?
Mechanisms and Drug Targets for Pancreatic Cancer Chemoprevention.Academic Article Why?
Outcome of neoadjuvant treatment for pancreatic cancer in elderly patients: comparative, observational cohort study.Academic Article Why?
p53-driven lipidome influences non-cell-autonomous lysophospholipids in pancreatic cancer.Academic Article Why?
Pancreatic cancer in patients with autoimmune pancreatitis: A scoping review.Academic Article Why?
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