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IRB Members and Industry RelationshipsGrant Why?
Clinician educators' experiences with institutional review boards: results of a national survey.Academic Article Why?
Economic analysis of a single institutional review board data exchange standard in multisite clinical studies.Academic Article Why?
Academic Industry Relationships Among IRB MembersGrant Why?
Medical education research and IRB review: an analysis and comparison of the IRB review process at six institutions.Academic Article Why?
IRB Assessment and Education ProjectGrant Why?
Milgram, stress research, and the Institutional Review Board.Academic Article Why?
Ethics Committees, ResearchConcept Why?
Filling the Regulatory Gap: Potential Role of Institutional Review Boards in Promoting Consideration of Sex as a Biological Variable.Academic Article Why?
Getting Interdisciplinary Teams into the Field: Institutional Review Board Preapproval and Multi-Institution Authorization Agreements for Rapid Response Disaster Research.Academic Article Why?
Institutional review board training when patients and community members are engaged as researchers.Academic Article Why?
Local institutional review board (IRB) review of a multicenter trial: local costs without local context.Academic Article Why?
Campbell, EricPerson Why?
Institutional review board approval for surveys: why it is necessary.Academic Article Why?
The efficiency of single institutional review board review in National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Cooperative Reproductive Medicine Network-initiated clinical trials.Academic Article Why?
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