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Comprehensive Quality Assessment in Clinical Ethics.Academic Article Why?
Ethics, ClinicalConcept Why?
Domains of quality for clinical ethics case consultation: a mixed-method systematic review.Academic Article Why?
Jackson, BrianPerson Why?
Wynia, MatthewPerson Why?
Evaluating the Inpatient Pediatric Ethical Consultation Service.Academic Article Why?
Patient care, professionalism and relations with industry.Academic Article Why?
Providing life-saving health care to undocumented children: controversies and ethical issues.Academic Article Why?
Teaching ethics on rounds: the ethicist as teacher, consultant, and decision-maker.Academic Article Why?
Furfari, KristinPerson Why?
Harnke, BenjaminPerson Why?
Patient care, professionalism, and relations with industry.Academic Article Why?
Renal replacement therapy in patients with chronic liver disease.Academic Article Why?
Supporting pregnant women through difficult decisions: a case of prenatal diagnosis of osteogenesis imperfecta.Academic Article Why?
Pre-pandemic planning survey of healthcare workers at a tertiary care children's hospital: ethical and workforce issues.Academic Article Why?
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