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Wager, TorPerson Why?
Image Processing, Computer-AssistedConcept Why?
Harris-Love, MichaelPerson Why?
Cornish, TobyPerson Why?
Computer-assisted image analysis of human cilia and Chlamydomonas flagella reveals both similarities and differences in axoneme structure.Academic Article Why?
Tregellas, JasonPerson Why?
3-D reconstruction of coronary arterial tree to optimize angiographic visualization.Academic Article Why?
A deep learning approach to identifying immunogold particles in electron microscopy images.Academic Article Why?
A Semi-Automated Workflow for Brain Slice Histology Alignment, Registration, and Cell Quantification (SHARCQ).Academic Article Why?
Automated, Depth-Resolved Estimation of the Attenuation Coefficient From Optical Coherence Tomography Data.Academic Article Why?
Automatically Determining the Confocal Parameters From OCT B-Scans for Quantification of the Attenuation Coefficients.Academic Article Why?
Cell segmentation and tracking using CNN-based distance predictions and a graph-based matching strategy.Academic Article Why?
Challenges in solving structures from radiation-damaged tomograms of protein nanocrystals assessed by simulation.Academic Article Why?
Clinical Application of Image Analysis in Pathology.Academic Article Why?
Coincidence Analysis of Molecular Dynamics by Raster Image Correlation Spectroscopy.Academic Article Why?
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