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Improving patient outcomes with regenerative medicine: How the Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing Society plans to move the needle forward in cell manufacturing, standards, 3D bioprinting, artificial intelligence-enabled automation, education, and training.Academic Article Why?
Emerging technologies in organ preservation, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine: a blessing or curse for transplantation?Academic Article Why?
McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Medical imaging of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine constructs.Academic Article Why?
Regenerative medicine and the developing world.Academic Article Why?
Regulation Policy on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine in Asian-Pacific Region.Academic Article Why?
Understanding the Transcriptomic Landscape to Drive New Innovations in Musculoskeletal Regenerative Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Regenerative medicine in orthopaedic surgery.Academic Article Why?
Spatiotemporal hydrogel biomaterials for regenerative medicine.Academic Article Why?
[Spinal cord injury and regenerative medicine].Academic Article Why?
Biofabrication strategies for 3D in vitro models and regenerative medicine.Academic Article Why?
Engineering Tissue-Informed Biomaterials to Advance Pulmonary Regenerative Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Raman spectroscopy and regenerative medicine: a review.Academic Article Why?
Regenerative MedicineConcept Why?
Highlights from the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine position statement on responsible use of regenerative medicine and orthobiologics in sports medicine.Academic Article Why?
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