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Junwang Xu

TitleAsst Professor
InstitutionUniversity of Colorado Denver - Anschutz Medical Campus

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    Dr. Junwang Xu is an Assistant Professor in Department of Surgery. He is a molecular biologist who commits 100% of his time to laboratory and clinical research. His research interest lies in skin wound healing and regeneration and fetal cardiac regeneration.

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    1. Hodges MM, Zgheib C, Xu J, Hu J, Dewberry LC, Hilton SA, Allukian MW, Gorman JH, Gorman RC, Liechty KW. Differential expression of TGFß1 is associated with fetal regeneration after myocardial infarction. Ann Thorac Surg. 2019 Jan 25. PMID: 30690019.
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    2. Zgheib C, Hilton SA, Dewberry LC, Hodges MM, Ghatak S, Xu J, Singh S, Roy S, Sen CK, Seal S, Liechty KW. Use of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles Conjugated with MicroRNA-146a to Correct the Diabetic Wound Healing Impairment. J Am Coll Surg. 2019 Jan; 228(1):107-115. PMID: 30359833.
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    3. Xu J, Zgheib C, Hodges MM, Caskey RC, Hu J, Liechty KW. Mesenchymal stem cells correct impaired diabetic wound healing by decreasing ECM proteolysis. Physiol Genomics. 2017 Oct 01; 49(10):541-548. PMID: 28842435.
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    4. Zgheib C, Hodges MM, Allukian MW, Xu J, Spiller KL, Gorman JH, Gorman RC, Liechty KW. Cardiac Progenitor Cell Recruitment Drives Fetal Cardiac Regeneration by Enhanced Angiogenesis. Ann Thorac Surg. 2017 Dec; 104(6):1968-1975. PMID: 28821329.
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    5. Zgheib C, Hodges MM, Hu J, Liechty KW, Xu J. Long non-coding RNA Lethe regulates hyperglycemia-induced reactive oxygen species production in macrophages. PLoS One. 2017; 12(5):e0177453. PMID: 28494015.
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    6. Zgheib C, Hodges M, Hu J, Beason DP, Soslowsky LJ, Liechty KW, Xu J. Mechanisms of mesenchymal stem cell correction of the impaired biomechanical properties of diabetic skin: The role of miR-29a. Wound Repair Regen. 2016 03; 24(2):237-46. PMID: 26808714.
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    7. Zgheib C, Xu J, Mallette AC, Caskey RC, Zhang L, Hu J, Liechty KW. SCF increases in utero-labeled stem cells migration and improves wound healing. Wound Repair Regen. 2015 Jul-Aug; 23(4):583-90. PMID: 26032674.
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    8. Xu J, Zgheib C, Hu J, Wu W, Zhang L, Liechty KW. The role of microRNA-15b in the impaired angiogenesis in diabetic wounds. Wound Repair Regen. 2014 Sep-Oct; 22(5):671-7. PMID: 25059098.
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    9. Caskey RC, Zgheib C, Morris M, Allukian M, Dorsett-Martin W, Xu J, Wu W, Liechty KW. Dysregulation of collagen production in diabetes following recurrent skin injury: contribution to the development of a chronic wound. Wound Repair Regen. 2014 Jul-Aug; 22(4):515-20. PMID: 24898050.
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    10. Morris MW, Allukian M, Herdrich BJ, Caskey RC, Zgheib C, Xu J, Dorsett-Martin W, Mitchell ME, Liechty KW. Modulation of the inflammatory response by increasing fetal wound size or interleukin-10 overexpression determines wound phenotype and scar formation. Wound Repair Regen. 2014 May-Jun; 22(3):406-14. PMID: 24844340.
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    11. Zgheib C, Allukian MW, Xu J, Morris MW, Caskey RC, Herdrich BJ, Hu J, Gorman JH, Gorman RC, Liechty KW. Mammalian fetal cardiac regeneration after myocardial infarction is associated with differential gene expression compared with the adult. Ann Thorac Surg. 2014 May; 97(5):1643-50. PMID: 24792251; PMCID: PMC4010943.
    12. Zgheib C, Xu J, Liechty KW. Targeting Inflammatory Cytokines and Extracellular Matrix Composition to Promote Wound Regeneration. Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2014 Apr 01; 3(4):344-355. PMID: 24757589.
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    13. Allukian M, Xu J, Morris M, Caskey R, Dorsett-Martin W, Plappert T, Griswold M, Gorman JH, Gorman RC, Liechty KW. Mammalian cardiac regeneration after fetal myocardial infarction requires cardiac progenitor cell recruitment. Ann Thorac Surg. 2013 Jul; 96(1):163-70. PMID: 23816072; PMCID: PMC3817737.
    14. Caskey RC, Allukian M, Lind RC, Herdrich BJ, Xu J, Radu A, Mitchell ME, Liechty KW. Lentiviral-mediated over-expression of hyaluronan synthase-1 (HAS-1) decreases the cellular inflammatory response and results in regenerative wound repair. Cell Tissue Res. 2013 Jan; 351(1):117-25. PMID: 23149717.
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    15. Xu J, Wu W, Zhang L, Dorset-Martin W, Morris MW, Mitchell ME, Liechty KW. The role of microRNA-146a in the pathogenesis of the diabetic wound-healing impairment: correction with mesenchymal stem cell treatment. Diabetes. 2012 Nov; 61(11):2906-12. PMID: 22851573; PMCID: PMC3478555.
    16. Kruithof BP, Xu J, Fritz DT, Cabral CS, Gaussin V, Rogers MB. An in vivo map of bone morphogenetic protein 2 post-transcriptional repression in the heart. Genesis. 2011 Nov; 49(11):841-50. PMID: 21504044; PMCID: PMC3413373.
    17. Bermudez DM, Herdrich BJ, Xu J, Lind R, Beason DP, Mitchell ME, Soslowsky LJ, Liechty KW. Impaired biomechanical properties of diabetic skin implications in pathogenesis of diabetic wound complications. Am J Pathol. 2011 May; 178(5):2215-23. PMID: 21514435; PMCID: PMC3081147.
    18. Bermudez DM, Xu J, Herdrich BJ, Radu A, Mitchell ME, Liechty KW. Inhibition of stromal cell-derived factor-1a further impairs diabetic wound healing. J Vasc Surg. 2011 Mar; 53(3):774-84. PMID: 21211927; PMCID: PMC3058337.
    19. Xu J, Ismat FA, Wang T, Lu MM, Antonucci N, Epstein JA. Cardiomyocyte-specific loss of neurofibromin promotes cardiac hypertrophy and dysfunction. Circ Res. 2009 Jul 31; 105(3):304-11. PMID: 19574548; PMCID: PMC2747036.
    20. Xu J, Ismat FA, Wang T, Yang J, Epstein JA. NF1 regulates a Ras-dependent vascular smooth muscle proliferative injury response. Circulation. 2007 Nov 06; 116(19):2148-56. PMID: 17967772.
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    21. Xu J, Rogers MB. Modulation of Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP) 2 gene expression by Sp1 transcription factors. Gene. 2007 May 01; 392(1-2):221-9. PMID: 17317039; PMCID: PMC1934513.
    22. Ismat FA, Xu J, Lu MM, Epstein JA. The neurofibromin GAP-related domain rescues endothelial but not neural crest development in Nf1 mice. J Clin Invest. 2006 Sep; 116(9):2378-84. PMID: 16906226; PMCID: PMC1533876.
    23. Fritz DT, Jiang S, Xu J, Rogers MB. A polymorphism in a conserved posttranscriptional regulatory motif alters bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP2) RNA:protein interactions. Mol Endocrinol. 2006 Jul; 20(7):1574-86. PMID: 16497730.
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    24. Fritz DT, Liu D, Xu J, Jiang S, Rogers MB. Conservation of Bmp2 post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms. J Biol Chem. 2004 Nov 19; 279(47):48950-8. PMID: 15358784.
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    25. Mukhopadhyay R, Yu W, Whitehead J, Xu J, Lezcano M, Pack S, Kanduri C, Kanduri M, Ginjala V, Vostrov A, Quitschke W, Chernukhin I, Klenova E, Lobanenkov V, Ohlsson R. The binding sites for the chromatin insulator protein CTCF map to DNA methylation-free domains genome-wide. Genome Res. 2004 Aug; 14(8):1594-602. PMID: 15256511; PMCID: PMC509268.
    26. Abrams KL, Xu J, Nativelle-Serpentini C, Dabirshahsahebi S, Rogers MB. An evolutionary and molecular analysis of Bmp2 expression. J Biol Chem. 2004 Apr 16; 279(16):15916-28. PMID: 14757762.
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