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Katherine Ann Sauder

TitleAsst Professor
InstitutionUniversity of Colorado Denver - Anschutz Medical Campus

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    Dr. Sauder's research examines how nutrition and other modifiable factors contribute to the early development of diabetes and obesity in vulnerable populations. She uses observational methods to identify key associations, and then translates these findings into prevention strategies with potential for widespread dissemination and implementation. Current research projects focus on women of child-bearing age, pregnant women and their offspring, and American Indian children.

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    F31AG043224     (SAUDER, KATHERINE A.)Aug 1, 2012 - Jul 31, 2014
    The Effect of Diet on Age-Related Arterial Stiffness and Endothelial Dysfunction
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R01DK115434     (DABELEA, DANA)Sep 15, 2017 - Aug 31, 2022
    Reducing risk factors for type 2 diabetes in American Indian youth: Tribal Turning Point
    Role: Co-Principal Investigator

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    1. Kaar JL, Sauder KA, Shapiro AL, Starling AP, Ringham BM, Johnson SL, Dabelea D. Infant Feeding Practices In a Diverse Group of Women: The Healthy Start Study. Clin Med Insights Pediatr. 2019; 13:1179556518824362. PMID: 30718970.
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    2. Sauder KA, Stafford JM, Mayer-Davis EJ, Jensen ET, Saydah S, Mottl A, Dolan LM, Hamman RF, Lawrence JM, Pihoker C, Marcovina S, D'Agostino RB, Dabelea D. Co-occurrence of early diabetes-related complications in adolescents and young adults with type 1 diabetes: an observational cohort study. Lancet Child Adolesc Health. 2019 Jan; 3(1):35-43. PMID: 30409691.
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    3. Pastorino S, Bishop T, Crozier SR, Granström C, Kordas K, Küpers LK, O'Brien EC, Polanska K, Sauder KA, Zafarmand MH, Wilson RC, Agyemang C, Burton PR, Cooper C, Corpeleijn E, Dabelea D, Hanke W, Inskip HM, McAuliffe FM, Olsen SF, Vrijkotte TG, Brage S, Kennedy A, O'Gorman D, Scherer P, Wijndaele K, Wareham NJ, Desoye G, Ong KK. Associations between maternal physical activity in early and late pregnancy and offspring birth size: remote federated individual level meta-analysis from eight cohort studies. BJOG. 2019 Mar; 126(4):459-470. PMID: 30230190.
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    4. Ritchie ND, Kaufmann PG, Gritz RM, Sauder KA, Holtrop JS. Presessions to the National Diabetes Prevention Program May be a Promising Strategy to Improve Attendance and Weight Loss Outcomes. Am J Health Promot. 2019 Feb; 33(2):289-292. PMID: 29986597.
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    5. Ritchie ND, Sauder KA, Phimphasone-Brady P, Amura CR. Rethinking the National Diabetes Prevention Program for Low-Income Whites. Diabetes Care. 2018 Apr; 41(4):e56-e57. PMID: 29467170.
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    6. Moore BF, Sauder KA, Starling AP, Hébert JR, Shivappa N, Ringham BM, Glueck DH, Dabelea D. Proinflammatory Diets during Pregnancy and Neonatal Adiposity in the Healthy Start Study. J Pediatr. 2018 04; 195:121-127.e2. PMID: 29217099.
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    7. Ritchie ND, Kaufmann P, Sauder KA. Comment on Ely et al. A National Effort to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes: Participant-Level Evaluation of CDC's National Diabetes Prevention Program. Diabetes Care 2017;40:1331-1341. Diabetes Care. 2017 11; 40(11):e161-e162. PMID: 29061591.
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    8. Ritchie ND, Sauder KA, Fabbri S. Reach and Effectiveness of the National Diabetes Prevention Program for Young Women. Am J Prev Med. 2017 Nov; 53(5):714-718. PMID: 28928038.
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    9. Moore BF, Sauder KA, Starling AP, Ringham BM, Glueck DH, Dabelea D. Exposure to secondhand smoke, exclusive breastfeeding and infant adiposity at age 5 months in the Healthy Start study. Pediatr Obes. 2017 08; 12 Suppl 1:111-119. PMID: 28868814.
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    10. Sauder KA, Koeppen HJ, Shapiro ALB, Kalata KE, Stamatoiu AV, Ringham BM, Glueck DH, Norris JM, Dabelea D. Prenatal Vitamin D Intake, Cord Blood 25-Hydroxyvitamin D, and Offspring Body Composition: The Healthy Start Study. Nutrients. 2017 Jul 22; 9(7). PMID: 28737667.
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    11. Sauder KA, Hockett CW, Ringham BM, Glueck DH, Dabelea D. Fetal overnutrition and offspring insulin resistance and ß-cell function: the Exploring Perinatal Outcomes among Children (EPOCH) study. Diabet Med. 2017 10; 34(10):1392-1399. PMID: 28636758.
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    12. Perng W, Ringham BM, Glueck DH, Sauder KA, Starling AP, Belfort MB, Dabelea D. An observational cohort study of weight- and length-derived anthropometric indicators with body composition at birth and 5 mo: the Healthy Start study. Am J Clin Nutr. 2017 Aug; 106(2):559-567. PMID: 28659296.
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    13. Sauder KA, Dabelea D, Bailey-Callahan R, Kanott Lambert S, Powell J, James R, Percy C, Jenks BF, Testaverde L, Thomas JM, Barber R, Smiley J, Hockett CW, Zhong VW, Letourneau L, Moore K, Delamater AM, Mayer-Davis E. Targeting risk factors for type 2 diabetes in American Indian youth: the Tribal Turning Point pilot study. Pediatr Obes. 2018 05; 13(5):321-329. PMID: 28635082.
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    14. Starling AP, Sauder KA, Kaar JL, Shapiro AL, Siega-Riz AM, Dabelea D. Maternal Dietary Patterns during Pregnancy Are Associated with Newborn Body Composition. J Nutr. 2017 07; 147(7):1334-1339. PMID: 28539412.
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    15. Shapiro ALB, Sauder KA, Tregellas JR, Legget KT, Gravitz SL, Ringham BM, Glueck DH, Johnson SL, Dabelea D. Exposure to maternal diabetes in utero and offspring eating behavior: The EPOCH study. Appetite. 2017 09 01; 116:610-615. PMID: 28478063.
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    16. Starling AP, Shapiro ALB, Sauder KA, Kaar JL, Ringham BM, Glueck DH, Galan HL, Dabelea D. Blood pressure during pregnancy, neonatal size and altered body composition: the Healthy Start study. J Perinatol. 2017 05; 37(5):502-506. PMID: 28181996.
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    17. Sauder KA, Kaar JL, Starling AP, Ringham BM, Glueck DH, Dabelea D. Predictors of Infant Body Composition at 5 Months of Age: The Healthy Start Study. J Pediatr. 2017 04; 183:94-99.e1. PMID: 28161200.
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    18. Sauder KA, Starling AP, Shapiro AL, Kaar JL, Ringham BM, Glueck DH, Leiferman JA, Siega-Riz AM, Dabelea D. Diet, physical activity and mental health status are associated with dysglycaemia in pregnancy: the Healthy Start Study. Diabet Med. 2016 May; 33(5):663-7. PMID: 26872289; PMCID: PMC4883104 [Available on 05/01/17].
    19. Sauder KA, Starling AP, Shapiro AL, Kaar JL, Ringham BM, Glueck DH, Dabelea D. Exploring the association between maternal prenatal multivitamin use and early infant growth: The Healthy Start Study. Pediatr Obes. 2016 10; 11(5):434-41. PMID: 26663829.
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    20. Sauder KA, Pokorney PE, McCrea CE, Ulbrecht JS, Kris-Etherton PM, West SG. Noninvasive assessment of hemodynamics: a comparative analysis of fingertip pulse contour analysis and impedance cardiography. Blood Press Monit. 2015 Aug; 20(4):209-14. PMID: 25815738; PMCID: PMC4496278.
    21. Sauder KA, McCrea CE, Ulbrecht JS, Kris-Etherton PM, West SG. Effects of pistachios on the lipid/lipoprotein profile, glycemic control, inflammation, and endothelial function in type 2 diabetes: A randomized trial. Metabolism. 2015 Nov; 64(11):1521-9. PMID: 26383493; PMCID: PMC4872503 [Available on 11/01/16].
    22. Sauder KA, Proctor DN, Chow M, Troy LM, Wang N, Vita JA, Vasan RS, Mitchell GF, Jacques PF, Hamburg NM, West SG. Endothelial function, arterial stiffness and adherence to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans: a cross-sectional analysis. Br J Nutr. 2015 Jun 14; 113(11):1773-81. PMID: 25885520; PMCID: PMC4466070.
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    24. Sauder KA, McCrea CE, Ulbrecht JS, Kris-Etherton PM, West SG. Pistachio nut consumption modifies systemic hemodynamics, increases heart rate variability, and reduces ambulatory blood pressure in well-controlled type 2 diabetes: a randomized trial. J Am Heart Assoc. 2014 Jun 30; 3(4). PMID: 24980134; PMCID: PMC4310367.
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    27. Sauder KA, Skulas-Ray AC, Campbell TS, Johnson JA, Kris-Etherton PM, West SG. Effects of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on heart rate variability at rest and during acute stress in adults with moderate hypertriglyceridemia. Psychosom Med. 2013 May; 75(4):382-9. PMID: 23592752; PMCID: PMC3681100.
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    32. Tsaoussoglou M, Bixler EO, Calhoun S, Chrousos GP, Sauder K, Vgontzas AN. Sleep-disordered breathing in obese children is associated with prevalent excessive daytime sleepiness, inflammation, and metabolic abnormalities. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2010 Jan; 95(1):143-50. PMID: 19926716; PMCID: PMC2805493.
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