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Eileen T O'Toole

TitleResearch Associate
InstitutionUniversity of Colorado Boulder
DepartmentBiology-MCD Instruction

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    1. Cole ES, Dmytrenko O, Chmelik CJ, Li M, Christensen TA, Macon EP, Nilsson HJ, Blower RJ, Reuter TG, Beckman JP, Remmers BC, Smith CL, O'Toole E, Ozzello C, Morgan G, Giddings T. Restoration of cellular integrity following "ballistic" pronuclear exchange during Tetrahymena conjugation. Dev Biol. 2018 Dec 01; 444(1):33-40. PMID: 30268714.
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    2. Jin J, Galaz-Montoya JG, Sherman MB, Sun SY, Goldsmith CS, O'Toole ET, Ackerman L, Carlson LA, Weaver SC, Chiu W, Simmons G. Neutralizing Antibodies Inhibit Chikungunya Virus Budding at the Plasma Membrane. Cell Host Microbe. 2018 09 12; 24(3):417-428.e5. PMID: 30146390.
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    3. Jones MH, O'Toole ET, Fabritius AS, Muller EG, Meehl JB, Jaspersen SL, Winey M. Key phosphorylation events in Spc29 and Spc42 guide multiple steps of yeast centrosome duplication. Mol Biol Cell. 2018 Sep 15; 29(19):2280-2291. PMID: 30044722.
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    4. McIntosh JR, O'Toole E, Morgan G, Austin J, Ulyanov E, Ataullakhanov F, Gudimchuk N. Microtubules grow by the addition of bent guanosine triphosphate tubulin to the tips of curved protofilaments. J Cell Biol. 2018 Aug 06; 217(8):2691-2708. PMID: 29794031.
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    5. O'Toole ET, Giddings TH, Winey M. Cryopreparation and Electron Tomography of Yeast Cells. Cold Spring Harb Protoc. 2017 03 01; 2017(3). PMID: 28250212.
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    6. O'Toole ET, Giddings TH, Winey M. Building Cell Structures in Three Dimensions: Electron Tomography Methods for Budding Yeast. Cold Spring Harb Protoc. 2017 03 01; 2017(3). PMID: 28250232.
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    7. Blackwell R, Edelmaier C, Sweezy-Schindler O, Lamson A, Gergely ZR, O'Toole E, Crapo A, Hough LE, McIntosh JR, Glaser MA, Betterton MD. Physical determinants of bipolar mitotic spindle assembly and stability in fission yeast. Sci Adv. 2017 Jan; 3(1):e1601603. PMID: 28116355.
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    8. Quinn TA, Camelliti P, Rog-Zielinska EA, Siedlecka U, Poggioli T, O'Toole ET, Knöpfel T, Kohl P. Electrotonic coupling of excitable and nonexcitable cells in the heart revealed by optogenetics. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016 12 20; 113(51):14852-14857. PMID: 27930302.
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    9. Fernández-Álvarez A, Bez C, O'Toole ET, Morphew M, Cooper JP. Mitotic Nuclear Envelope Breakdown and Spindle Nucleation Are Controlled by Interphase Contacts between Centromeres and the Nuclear Envelope. Dev Cell. 2016 12 05; 39(5):544-559. PMID: 27889481.
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    10. Dutcher SK, O'Toole ET. The basal bodies of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Cilia. 2016; 5:18. PMID: 27252853; PMCID: PMC4888484.
    11. Rog-Zielinska EA, Johnston CM, O'Toole ET, Morphew M, Hoenger A, Kohl P. Electron tomography of rabbit cardiomyocyte three-dimensional ultrastructure. Prog Biophys Mol Biol. 2016 07; 121(2):77-84. PMID: 27210305; PMCID: PMC4959512.
    12. Rao AN, Falnikar A, O'Toole ET, Morphew MK, Hoenger A, Davidson MW, Yuan X, Baas PW. Sliding of centrosome-unattached microtubules defines key features of neuronal phenotype. J Cell Biol. 2016 05 09; 213(3):329-41. PMID: 27138250.
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    13. Fees CP, Aiken J, O'Toole ET, Giddings TH, Moore JK. The negatively charged carboxy-terminal tail of ß-tubulin promotes proper chromosome segregation. Mol Biol Cell. 2016 06 01; 27(11):1786-96. PMID: 27053662; PMCID: PMC4884069.
    14. Esparza JM, O'Toole E, Li L, Giddings TH, Kozak B, Albee AJ, Dutcher SK. Correction: Katanin Localization Requires Triplet Microtubules in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. PLoS One. 2016; 11(1):e0145569. PMID: 26771461; PMCID: PMC4714803.
    15. McCoy KM, Tubman ES, Claas A, Tank D, Clancy SA, O'Toole ET, Berman J, Odde DJ. Physical limits on kinesin-5-mediated chromosome congression in the smallest mitotic spindles. Mol Biol Cell. 2015 Nov 05; 26(22):3999-4014. PMID: 26354423; PMCID: PMC4710232.
    16. Nannas NJ, O'Toole ET, Winey M, Murray AW. Chromosomal attachments set length and microtubule number in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae mitotic spindle. Mol Biol Cell. 2014 Dec 15; 25(25):4034-48. PMID: 25318669; PMCID: PMC4263447.
    17. Hepperla AJ, Willey PT, Coombes CE, Schuster BM, Gerami-Nejad M, McClellan M, Mukherjee S, Fox J, Winey M, Odde DJ, O'Toole E, Gardner MK. Minus-end-directed Kinesin-14 motors align antiparallel microtubules to control metaphase spindle length. Dev Cell. 2014 Oct 13; 31(1):61-72. PMID: 25313961; PMCID: PMC4197412.
    18. Winey M, O'Toole E. Centriole structure. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2014 Sep 05; 369(1650). PMID: 25047611; PMCID: PMC4113101.
    19. Cole ES, Giddings TH, Ozzello C, Winey M, O'Toole E, Orias J, Hamilton E, Guerrier S, Ballard A, Aronstein T. Membrane dynamics at the nuclear exchange junction during early mating (one to four hours) in the ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila. Eukaryot Cell. 2015 Feb; 14(2):116-27. PMID: 25107923.
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    20. Wu Y, O'Toole ET, Girard M, Ritter B, Messa M, Liu X, McPherson PS, Ferguson SM, De Camilli P. A dynamin 1-, dynamin 3- and clathrin-independent pathway of synaptic vesicle recycling mediated by bulk endocytosis. Elife. 2014 Jun 24; 3:e01621. PMID: 24963135; PMCID: PMC4107917.
    21. Winey M, Meehl JB, O'Toole ET, Giddings TH. Conventional transmission electron microscopy. Mol Biol Cell. 2014 Feb; 25(3):319-23. PMID: 24482357; PMCID: PMC3907272.
    22. Höög JL, Lacomble S, O'Toole ET, Hoenger A, McIntosh JR, Gull K. Modes of flagellar assembly in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and Trypanosoma brucei. Elife. 2014; 3:e01479. PMID: 24448408; PMCID: PMC3896119.
    23. O'Toole ET, Dutcher SK. Site-specific basal body duplication in Chlamydomonas. Cytoskeleton (Hoboken). 2014 Feb; 71(2):108-18. PMID: 24166861; PMCID: PMC4067263.
    24. Austin-Tse C, Halbritter J, Zariwala MA, Gilberti RM, Gee HY, Hellman N, Pathak N, Liu Y, Panizzi JR, Patel-King RS, Tritschler D, Bower R, O'Toole E, Porath JD, Hurd TW, Chaki M, Diaz KA, Kohl S, Lovric S, Hwang DY, Braun DA, Schueler M, Airik R, Otto EA, Leigh MW, Noone PG, Carson JL, Davis SD, Pittman JE, Ferkol TW, Atkinson JJ, Olivier KN, Sagel SD, Dell SD, Rosenfeld M, Milla CE, Loges NT, Omran H, Porter ME, King SM, Knowles MR, Drummond IA, Hildebrandt F. Zebrafish Ciliopathy Screen Plus Human Mutational Analysis Identifies C21orf59 and CCDC65 Defects as Causing Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia. Am J Hum Genet. 2013 Oct 03; 93(4):672-86. PMID: 24094744; PMCID: PMC3791264.
    25. Nazarova E, O'Toole E, Kaitna S, Francois P, Winey M, Vogel J. Distinct roles for antiparallel microtubule pairing and overlap during early spindle assembly. Mol Biol Cell. 2013 Oct; 24(20):3238-50. PMID: 23966467; PMCID: PMC3806661.
    26. Choy JS, O'Toole E, Schuster BM, Crisp MJ, Karpova TS, McNally JG, Winey M, Gardner MK, Basrai MA. Genome-wide haploinsufficiency screen reveals a novel role for ?-TuSC in spindle organization and genome stability. Mol Biol Cell. 2013 Sep; 24(17):2753-63. PMID: 23825022; PMCID: PMC3756926.
    27. Kamasaki T, O'Toole E, Kita S, Osumi M, Usukura J, McIntosh JR, Goshima G. Augmin-dependent microtubule nucleation at microtubule walls in the spindle. J Cell Biol. 2013 Jul 08; 202(1):25-33. PMID: 23816620; PMCID: PMC3704994.
    28. McIntosh JR, O'Toole E, Zhudenkov K, Morphew M, Schwartz C, Ataullakhanov FI, Grishchuk EL. Conserved and divergent features of kinetochores and spindle microtubule ends from five species. J Cell Biol. 2013 Feb 18; 200(4):459-74. PMID: 23420873; PMCID: PMC3575531.
    29. Esparza JM, O'Toole E, Li L, Giddings TH, Kozak B, Albee AJ, Dutcher SK. Katanin localization requires triplet microtubules in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. PLoS One. 2013; 8(1):e53940. PMID: 23320108; PMCID: PMC3540033.
    30. O'Toole ET, Giddings TH, Porter ME, Ostrowski LE. Computer-assisted image analysis of human cilia and Chlamydomonas flagella reveals both similarities and differences in axoneme structure. Cytoskeleton (Hoboken). 2012 Aug; 69(8):577-90. PMID: 22573610; PMCID: PMC3423584.
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    32. Milosevic I, Giovedi S, Lou X, Raimondi A, Collesi C, Shen H, Paradise S, O'Toole E, Ferguson S, Cremona O, De Camilli P. Recruitment of endophilin to clathrin-coated pit necks is required for efficient vesicle uncoating after fission. Neuron. 2011 Nov 17; 72(4):587-601. PMID: 22099461; PMCID: PMC3258500.
    33. Raimondi A, Ferguson SM, Lou X, Armbruster M, Paradise S, Giovedi S, Messa M, Kono N, Takasaki J, Cappello V, O'Toole E, Ryan TA, De Camilli P. Overlapping role of dynamin isoforms in synaptic vesicle endocytosis. Neuron. 2011 Jun 23; 70(6):1100-14. PMID: 21689597; PMCID: PMC3190241.
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    35. O'Toole ET. Chlamydomonas cryopreparation methods for the 3-D analysis of cellular organelles. Methods Cell Biol. 2010; 96:71-91. PMID: 20869519.
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    36. Bower R, VanderWaal K, O'Toole E, Fox L, Perrone C, Mueller J, Wirschell M, Kamiya R, Sale WS, Porter ME. IC138 defines a subdomain at the base of the I1 dynein that regulates microtubule sliding and flagellar motility. Mol Biol Cell. 2009 Jul; 20(13):3055-63. PMID: 19420135.
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    45. Höög JL, Schwartz C, Noon AT, O'Toole ET, Mastronarde DN, McIntosh JR, Antony C. Organization of interphase microtubules in fission yeast analyzed by electron tomography. Dev Cell. 2007 Mar; 12(3):349-61. PMID: 17336902.
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    46. Müller-Reichert T, Srayko M, Hyman A, O'Toole ET, McDonald K. Correlative light and electron microscopy of early Caenorhabditis elegans embryos in mitosis. Methods Cell Biol. 2007; 79:101-19. PMID: 17327153.
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      View in: PubMed
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    50. Storchová Z, Breneman A, Cande J, Dunn J, Burbank K, O'Toole E, Pellman D. Genome-wide genetic analysis of polyploidy in yeast. Nature. 2006 Oct 05; 443(7111):541-7. PMID: 17024086.
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    52. Ozlü N, Srayko M, Kinoshita K, Habermann B, O'toole ET, Müller-Reichert T, Schmalz N, Desai A, Hyman AA. An essential function of the C. elegans ortholog of TPX2 is to localize activated aurora A kinase to mitotic spindles. Dev Cell. 2005 Aug; 9(2):237-48. PMID: 16054030.
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    58. Müller-Reichert T, Sassoon I, O'Toole E, Romao M, Ashford AJ, Hyman AA, Antony C. Analysis of the distribution of the kinetochore protein Ndc10p in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using 3-D modeling of mitotic spindles. Chromosoma. 2003 Apr; 111(7):417-28. PMID: 12707779.
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    60. Burns CG, Ohi R, Mehta S, O'Toole ET, Winey M, Clark TA, Sugnet CW, Ares M, Gould KL. Removal of a single alpha-tubulin gene intron suppresses cell cycle arrest phenotypes of splicing factor mutations in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Mol Cell Biol. 2002 Feb; 22(3):801-15. PMID: 11784857; PMCID: PMC133559.
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