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This is a "connection" page, showing publications co-authored by Edwin Asturias and Daniel Olson.

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  1. Olson D, Rick AM, Krager S, Lamb M, Asturias EJ. Vaccine Demand and Willingness-to-pay for Arbovirus Vaccines: A Cross-sectional Survey in Rural Guatemala. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2018 11; 37(11):1184-1189.
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    Score: 0.729
  2. Olson D, Krager S, Lamb MM, Rick AM, Asturias EJ. Knowledge of Norovirus and Attitudes toward a Potential Norovirus Vaccine in Rural Guatemala: A Cross-Sectional Exploratory Survey. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2018 05; 98(5):1498-1501.
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    Score: 0.699
  3. Olson D, Lamb M, Lopez MR, Colborn K, Paniagua-Avila A, Zacarias A, Zambrano-Perilla R, Rodr?guez-Castro SR, Cordon-Rosales C, Asturias EJ. Performance of a Mobile Phone App-Based Participatory Syndromic Surveillance System for Acute Febrile Illness and Acute Gastroenteritis in Rural Guatemala. J Med Internet Res. 2017 11 09; 19(11):e368.
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    Score: 0.681
  4. Olson D, Lamb MM, Lopez MR, Paniagua-Avila MA, Zacarias A, Samayoa-Reyes G, Cordon-Rosales C, Asturias EJ. Rapid Active Sampling Surveys as a Tool to Evaluate Factors Associated with Acute Gastroenteritis and Norovirus Infection among Children in Rural Guatemala. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2017 Sep; 97(3):944-948.
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    Score: 0.667
  5. Olson D, Lamb MM, Lopez MR, Paniagua-Avila MA, Zacarias A, Samayoa-Reyes G, Cordon-Rosales C, Asturias EJ. A Rapid Epidemiological Tool to Measure the Burden of Norovirus Infection and Disease in Resource-Limited Settings. Open Forum Infect Dis. 2017; 4(2):ofx049.
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    Score: 0.651
  6. Lamb MM, Paniagua-Avila A, Zacarias A, Rojop N, Chacon A, Natrajan MS, Waggoner JJ, Lopez MR, Cordon-Rosales C, Huleatt JW, Bonaparte MI, Asturias EJ, Olson D. Repeated Rapid Active Sampling Surveys Demonstrated a Rapidly Changing Zika Seroprevalence among Children in a Rural Dengue-endemic Region in Southwest Guatemala during the Zika Epidemic (2015-2016). Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2022 Nov 14; 107(5):1099-1106.
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    Score: 0.240
  7. Lamb MM, Connery AK, Colbert AM, Bauer D, Olson D, Paniagua-Avila A, Calvimontes DM, Bola?os GA, Sahly HME, Mu?oz FM, Asturias EJ. Anthropometric proxies for child neurodevelopment in low-resource settings: length- or height-for-age, head circumference or both? J Dev Orig Health Dis. 2023 02; 14(1):61-69.
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    Score: 0.236
  8. Connery AK, Lamb MM, Colbert AM, Bauer D, Olson D, Paniagua-Avila A, Calvimontes M, Bola?os GA, Sahly HME, Mu?oz FM, Asturias EJ. A prospective cohort study of head circumference and its association with neurodevelopmental outcomes in infants and young children in rural Guatemala. J Dev Orig Health Dis. 2022 12; 13(6):779-786.
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    Score: 0.232
  9. Colbert AM, Connery AK, Lamb MM, Bauer D, Olson D, Paniagua-Avila A, Mart?nez MA, Arroyave P, Hern?ndez S, Mirella Calvimontes D, Bola?os GA, El Sahly HM, Mu?oz FM, Asturias EJ. Caregiver rating of early childhood development: Reliability and validity of the ASQ-3 in rural Guatemala. Early Hum Dev. 2021 10; 161:105453.
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    Score: 0.221
  10. Rick AM, Domek G, Cunningham M, Olson D, Lamb MM, Jimenez-Zambrano A, Heinrichs G, Berman S, Asturias EJ. High Background Congenital Microcephaly in Rural Guatemala: Implications for Neonatal Congenital Zika Virus Infection Screening. Glob Health Sci Pract. 2017 12 28; 5(4):686-696.
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    Score: 0.172
  11. Olson D, Lamb MM, Gaensbauer JT, Todd JK, Halsey NA, Asturias EJ. Risk Factors for Death and Major Morbidity in Guatemalan Children with Acute Bacterial Meningitis. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2015 Jul; 34(7):724-8.
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    Score: 0.145
  12. Olson D, Birkholz M, Gaensbauer JT, Asturias EJ, Todd JK. Analysis of the pediatric health information system database as a surveillance tool for travel-associated infectious diseases. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2015 May; 92(5):1067-9.
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    Score: 0.142
  13. Connery AK, Lamb MM, Colbert AM, Bauer D, Hern?ndez S, Arroyave P, Mart?nez MA, Barrios EE, El Sahly HM, Paniagua-Avila A, Calvimontes M, Bola?os GA, Olson D, Asturias EJ, Munoz FM. Parent Report of Health Related Quality of Life in Young Children in Rural Guatemala: Implementation, Reliability, and Validity of the PedsQL in Stunting and Wasting. Glob Pediatr Health. 2021; 8:2333794X21991028.
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    Score: 0.053
  14. Stittleburg V, Rojas A, Cardozo F, Mu?oz FM, Asturias EJ, Olson D, Paniaga-Avila A, Abeynayake J, Anderson EJ, Waggoner JJ. Dengue Virus and Yellow Fever Virus Detection Using Reverse Transcription-Insulated Isothermal PCR and Comparison with Real-Time RT-PCR. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2020 07; 103(1):157-159.
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    Score: 0.051
  15. Colbert AM, Lamb MM, Asturias EJ, Mu?oz FM, Bauer D, Arroyave P, Hern?ndez S, Mart?nez MA, Paniagua-Avila A, Olson D, Calvimontes DM, Bola?os GA, El Sahly HM, Connery AK. Reliability and Validity of an Adapted and Translated Version of the Mullen Scales of Early Learning (AT-MSEL) in Rural Guatemala. Child Care Health Dev. 2020 05; 46(3):327-335.
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    Score: 0.050
  16. Connery AK, Colbert AM, Lamb MM, Hern?ndez S, Mart?nez MA, Bauer D, Arroyave P, El Sahly HM, Paniagua-Avila A, Calvimontes M, Bola?os GA, Olson D, Asturias EJ, Munoz FM. Receptive language skills among young children in rural Guatemala: The relationship between the Test de Vocabulario en Imagenes Peabody and a translated and adapted version of the Mullen Scales of Early Learning. Child Care Health Dev. 2019 09; 45(5):702-708.
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    Score: 0.048
  17. Bosch I, de Puig H, Hiley M, Carr?-Camps M, Perdomo-Celis F, Narv?ez CF, Salgado DM, Senthoor D, O'Grady M, Phillips E, Durbin A, Fandos D, Miyazaki H, Yen CW, G?lvez-Ram?rez M, Warke RV, Ribeiro LS, Teixeira MM, Almeida RP, Mu??z-Medina JE, Ludert JE, Nogueira ML, Colombo TE, Terzian ACB, Bozza PT, Calheiros AS, Vieira YR, Barbosa-Lima G, Vizzoni A, Cerbino-Neto J, Bozza FA, Souza TML, Trugilho MRO, de Filippis AMB, de Sequeira PC, Marques ETA, Magalhaes T, D?az FJ, Restrepo BN, Mar?n K, Mattar S, Olson D, Asturias EJ, Lucera M, Singla M, Medigeshi GR, de Bosch N, Tam J, G?mez-M?rquez J, Clavet C, Villar L, Hamad-Schifferli K, Gehrke L. Rapid antigen tests for dengue virus serotypes and Zika virus in patient serum. Sci Transl Med. 2017 Sep 27; 9(409).
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    Score: 0.042
  18. Gaensbauer JT, Asturias EJ, Soto M, Holt E, Olson D, Halsey NA. Pediatric Invasive Pneumococcal Disease in Guatemala City: Importance of Serotype 2. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2016 May; 35(5):e139-43.
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    Score: 0.038
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