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Lucy M Golden

TitleAssoc Professor-Research
InstitutionUniversity of Colorado Denver - Anschutz Medical Campus

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    R01DK106491     (GOLDEN, LUCY MARY)Jul 15, 2015 - Jun 30, 2020
    Human Group 2 Innate Lymphocyte Cell (ILC2) populations contribute to Hepatic Fibrosis
    Role: Principal Investigator

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    1. Golden-Mason L, Waasdorp Hurtado CE, Cheng L, Rosen HR. Hepatitis C viral infection is associated with activated cytolytic natural killer cells expressing high levels of T cell immunoglobulin- and mucin-domain-containing molecule-3. Clin Immunol. 2015 May; 158(1):114-25. PMID: 25797693.
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    2. Mitchell AM, Stone AE, Cheng L, Ballinger K, Edwards MG, Stoddard M, Li H, Golden-Mason L, Shaw GM, Khetani S, Rosen HR. Transmitted/founder hepatitis C viruses induce cell-type- and genotype-specific differences in innate signaling within the liver. MBio. 2015 Feb 24; 6(2):e02510. PMID: 25714713; PMCID: PMC4357998.
    3. Giugliano S, Kriss M, Golden-Mason L, Dobrinskikh E, Stone AE, Soto-Gutierrez A, Mitchell A, Khetani SR, Yamane D, Stoddard M, Li H, Shaw GM, Edwards MG, Lemon SM, Gale M, Shah VH, Rosen HR. Hepatitis C virus infection induces autocrine interferon signaling by human liver endothelial cells and release of exosomes, which inhibits viral replication. Gastroenterology. 2015 Feb; 148(2):392-402.e13. PMID: 25447848; PMCID: PMC4765499.
    4. Golden-Mason L, Hahn YS, Strong M, Cheng L, Rosen HR. Extracellular HCV-core protein induces an immature regulatory phenotype in NK cells: implications for outcome of acute infection. PLoS One. 2014; 9(7):e103219. PMID: 25076408; PMCID: PMC4116173.
    5. Stone AE, Mitchell A, Brownell J, Miklin DJ, Golden-Mason L, Polyak SJ, Gale MJ, Rosen HR. Hepatitis C virus core protein inhibits interferon production by a human plasmacytoid dendritic cell line and dysregulates interferon regulatory factor-7 and signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT) 1 protein expression. PLoS One. 2014; 9(5):e95627. PMID: 24788809; PMCID: PMC4006833.
    6. Campbell EL, Bruyninckx WJ, Kelly CJ, Glover LE, McNamee EN, Bowers BE, Bayless AJ, Scully M, Saeedi BJ, Golden-Mason L, Ehrentraut SF, Curtis VF, Burgess A, Garvey JF, Sorensen A, Nemenoff R, Jedlicka P, Taylor CT, Kominsky DJ, Colgan SP. Transmigrating neutrophils shape the mucosal microenvironment through localized oxygen depletion to influence resolution of inflammation. Immunity. 2014 Jan 16; 40(1):66-77. PMID: 24412613; PMCID: PMC3951457.
    7. Williams SM, Golden-Mason L, Ferguson BS, Schuetze KB, Cavasin MA, Demos-Davies K, Yeager ME, Stenmark KR, McKinsey TA. Class I HDACs regulate angiotensin II-dependent cardiac fibrosis via fibroblasts and circulating fibrocytes. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2014 Feb; 67:112-25. PMID: 24374140; PMCID: PMC4120952.
    8. Golden-Mason L, Rosen HR. Natural killer cells: multifaceted players with key roles in hepatitis C immunity. Immunol Rev. 2013 Sep; 255(1):68-81. PMID: 23947348; PMCID: PMC3765000.
    9. Stone AE, Giugliano S, Schnell G, Cheng L, Leahy KF, Golden-Mason L, Gale M, Rosen HR. Hepatitis C virus pathogen associated molecular pattern (PAMP) triggers production of lambda-interferons by human plasmacytoid dendritic cells. PLoS Pathog. 2013; 9(4):e1003316. PMID: 23637605; PMCID: PMC3630164.
    10. Yanagisawa K, Yue S, van der Vliet HJ, Wang R, Alatrakchi N, Golden-Mason L, Schuppan D, Koziel MJ, Rosen HR, Exley MA. Ex vivo analysis of resident hepatic pro-inflammatory CD1d-reactive T cells and hepatocyte surface CD1d expression in hepatitis C. J Viral Hepat. 2013 Aug; 20(8):556-65. PMID: 23808994; PMCID: PMC4054599.
    11. McMahan RH, Wang XX, Cheng LL, Krisko T, Smith M, El Kasmi K, Pruzanski M, Adorini L, Golden-Mason L, Levi M, Rosen HR. Bile acid receptor activation modulates hepatic monocyte activity and improves nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. J Biol Chem. 2013 Apr 26; 288(17):11761-70. PMID: 23460643; PMCID: PMC3636865.
    12. Golden-Mason L, McMahan RH, Strong M, Reisdorph R, Mahaffey S, Palmer BE, Cheng L, Kulesza C, Hirashima M, Niki T, Rosen HR. Galectin-9 functionally impairs natural killer cells in humans and mice. J Virol. 2013 May; 87(9):4835-45. PMID: 23408620; PMCID: PMC3624298.
    13. Golden-Mason L, Stone AE, Bambha KM, Cheng L, Rosen HR. Race- and gender-related variation in natural killer p46 expression associated with differential anti-hepatitis C virus immunity. Hepatology. 2012 Oct; 56(4):1214-22. PMID: 22505144; PMCID: PMC3458134.
    14. Polyak SJ, Morishima C, Scott JD, Gastaminza P, Cox A, de Ara├║jo ES, Higgs MR, Loo YM, Golden-Mason L, Lindenbach BD, Baumert TF, Randall G, Gale M. A summary of the 18th International Symposium on Hepatitis C Virus and Related Viruses. Gastroenterology. 2012 Jan; 142(1):e1-5. PMID: 22185796.
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    15. Foster RG, Golden-Mason L, Rutebemberwa A, Rosen HR. Interleukin (IL)-17/IL-22-producing T cells enriched within the liver of patients with chronic hepatitis C viral (HCV) infection. Dig Dis Sci. 2012 Feb; 57(2):381-9. PMID: 22183819.
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    16. Walsh CE, Ryan EJ, O'Farrelly C, Golden-Mason L, FitzGerald O, Veale DJ, Bresnihan B, Fearon U. Differential expression of NK receptors CD94 and NKG2A by T cells in rheumatoid arthritis patients in remission compared to active disease. PLoS One. 2011; 6(11):e27182. PMID: 22102879; PMCID: PMC3216944.
    17. Golden-Mason L, Bambha KM, Cheng L, Howell CD, Taylor MW, Clark PJ, Afdhal N, Rosen HR. Natural killer inhibitory receptor expression associated with treatment failure and interleukin-28B genotype in patients with chronic hepatitis C. Hepatology. 2011 Nov; 54(5):1559-69. PMID: 21983945; PMCID: PMC3206734.
    18. Petrovic D, Stamataki Z, Dempsey E, Golden-Mason L, Freeley M, Doherty D, Prichard D, Keogh C, Conroy J, Mitchell S, Volkov Y, McKeating JA, O'Farrelly C, Kelleher D, Long A. Hepatitis C virus targets the T cell secretory machinery as a mechanism of immune evasion. Hepatology. 2011 Jun; 53(6):1846-53. PMID: 21452285.
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    19. Goldstein JI, Kominsky DJ, Jacobson N, Bowers B, Regalia K, Austin GL, Yousefi M, Falta MT, Fontenot AP, Gerich ME, Golden-Mason L, Colgan SP. Defective leukocyte GM-CSF receptor (CD116) expression and function in inflammatory bowel disease. Gastroenterology. 2011 Jul; 141(1):208-16. PMID: 21557945; PMCID: PMC3362207.
    20. McMahan RH, Golden-Mason L, Nishimura MI, McMahon BJ, Kemper M, Allen TM, Gretch DR, Rosen HR. Tim-3 expression on PD-1+ HCV-specific human CTLs is associated with viral persistence, and its blockade restores hepatocyte-directed in vitro cytotoxicity. J Clin Invest. 2010 Dec; 120(12):4546-57. PMID: 21084749; PMCID: PMC2994339.
    21. Golden-Mason L, Cox AL, Randall JA, Cheng L, Rosen HR. Increased natural killer cell cytotoxicity and NKp30 expression protects against hepatitis C virus infection in high-risk individuals and inhibits replication in vitro. Hepatology. 2010 Nov; 52(5):1581-9. PMID: 20812318; PMCID: PMC2967665.
    22. Hurtado CW, Golden-Mason L, Brocato M, Krull M, Narkewicz MR, Rosen HR. Innate immune function in placenta and cord blood of hepatitis C--seropositive mother-infant dyads. PLoS One. 2010 Aug 30; 5(8):e12232. PMID: 20814429; PMCID: PMC2923602.
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    28. Golden-Mason L. Natural killer cells play divergent roles in shaping the outcome of hepatitis C virus recurrence following liver transplantation. Liver Transpl. 2009 Apr; 15(4):357-9. PMID: 19326413.
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    29. McGrath E, Ryan EJ, Lynch L, Golden-Mason L, Mooney E, Eogan M, O'Herlihy C, O'Farrelly C. Changes in endometrial natural killer cell expression of CD94, CD158a and CD158b are associated with infertility. Am J Reprod Immunol. 2009 Apr; 61(4):265-76. PMID: 19260857.
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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