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This is a "connection" page, showing publications co-authored by Joaquin Espinosa and Angela Rachubinski.

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  1. Rachubinski AL, Estrada BE, Norris D, Dunnick CA, Boldrick JC, Espinosa JM. Janus kinase inhibition in Down syndrome: 2 cases of therapeutic benefit for alopecia areata. JAAD Case Rep. 2019 Apr; 5(4):365-367.
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    Score: 0.705
  2. Galbraith MD, Rachubinski AL, Smith KP, Araya P, Waugh KA, Enriquez-Estrada B, Worek K, Granrath RE, Kinning KT, Paul Eduthan N, Ludwig MP, Hsieh EWY, Sullivan KD, Espinosa JM. Multidimensional definition of the interferonopathy of Down syndrome and its response to JAK inhibition. Sci Adv. 2023 06 28; 9(26):eadg6218.
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    Score: 0.236
  3. Waugh KA, Minter R, Baxter J, Chi C, Galbraith MD, Tuttle KD, Eduthan NP, Kinning KT, Andrysik Z, Araya P, Dougherty H, Dunn LN, Ludwig M, Schade KA, Tracy D, Smith KP, Granrath RE, Busquet N, Khanal S, Anderson RD, Cox LL, Estrada BE, Rachubinski AL, Lyford HR, Britton EC, Fantauzzo KA, Orlicky DJ, Matsuda JL, Song K, Cox TC, Sullivan KD, Espinosa JM. Triplication of the interferon receptor locus contributes to hallmarks of Down syndrome in a mouse model. Nat Genet. 2023 06; 55(6):1034-1047.
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    Score: 0.235
  4. Tatavosian R, Donovan MG, Galbraith MD, Duc HN, Szwarc MM, Joshi MU, Frieman A, Bilousova G, Cao Y, Smith KP, Song K, Rachubinski AL, Andrysik Z, Espinosa JM. Cell differentiation modifies the p53 transcriptional program through a combination of gene silencing and constitutive transactivation. Cell Death Differ. 2023 04; 30(4):952-965.
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    Score: 0.229
  5. Araya P, Kinning KT, Coughlan C, Smith KP, Granrath RE, Enriquez-Estrada BA, Worek K, Sullivan KD, Rachubinski AL, Wolter-Warmerdam K, Hickey F, Galbraith MD, Potter H, Espinosa JM. IGF1 deficiency integrates stunted growth and neurodegeneration in Down syndrome. Cell Rep. 2022 Dec 27; 41(13):111883.
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    Score: 0.228
  6. Pham AT, Rachubinski AL, Enriquez-Estrada B, Worek K, Griffith M, Espinosa JM. JAK inhibition for treatment of psoriatic arthritis in Down syndrome. Rheumatology (Oxford). 2021 09 01; 60(9):e309-e311.
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    Score: 0.208
  7. Waugh KA, Araya P, Pandey A, Jordan KR, Smith KP, Granrath RE, Khanal S, Butcher ET, Estrada BE, Rachubinski AL, McWilliams JA, Minter R, Dimasi T, Colvin KL, Baturin D, Pham AT, Galbraith MD, Bartsch KW, Yeager ME, Porter CC, Sullivan KD, Hsieh EW, Espinosa JM. Mass Cytometry Reveals Global Immune Remodeling with Multi-lineage Hypersensitivity to Type I Interferon in Down Syndrome. Cell Rep. 2019 11 12; 29(7):1893-1908.e4.
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    Score: 0.184
  8. Powers RK, Culp-Hill R, Ludwig MP, Smith KP, Waugh KA, Minter R, Tuttle KD, Lewis HC, Rachubinski AL, Granrath RE, Carmona-Iragui M, Wilkerson RB, Kahn DE, Joshi M, Lle? A, Blesa R, Fortea J, D'Alessandro A, Costello JC, Sullivan KD, Espinosa JM. Trisomy 21 activates the kynurenine pathway via increased dosage of interferon receptors. Nat Commun. 2019 10 18; 10(1):4766.
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    Score: 0.183
  9. Chi C, Knight WE, Riching AS, Zhang Z, Tatavosian R, Zhuang Y, Moldovan R, Rachubinski AL, Gao D, Xu H, Espinosa JM, Song K. Interferon hyperactivity impairs cardiogenesis in Down syndrome via downregulation of canonical Wnt signaling. iScience. 2023 Jul 21; 26(7):107012.
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    Score: 0.059
  10. Klein JA, Li Z, Rampam S, Cardini J, Ayoub A, Shaw P, Rachubinski AL, Espinosa JM, Zeldich E, Haydar TF. Sonic Hedgehog Pathway Modulation Normalizes Expression of Olig2 in Rostrally Patterned NPCs With Trisomy 21. Front Cell Neurosci. 2021; 15:794675.
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    Score: 0.053
  11. Liggett LA, Galbraith MD, Smith KP, Sullivan KD, Granrath RE, Enriquez-Estrada B, Kinning KT, Shaw JR, Rachubinski AL, Espinosa JM, DeGregori J. Precocious clonal hematopoiesis in Down syndrome is accompanied by immune dysregulation. Blood Adv. 2021 04 13; 5(7):1791-1796.
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    Score: 0.051
  12. Sullivan KD, Evans D, Pandey A, Hraha TH, Smith KP, Markham N, Rachubinski AL, Wolter-Warmerdam K, Hickey F, Espinosa JM, Blumenthal T. Trisomy 21 causes changes in the circulating proteome indicative of chronic autoinflammation. Sci Rep. 2017 11 01; 7(1):14818.
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    Score: 0.040
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