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Marvin I Schwarz

InstitutionUniversity of Colorado Denver - Anschutz Medical Campus

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    1964Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, Tulane University School of Medicine
    1966Musser Burch Society
    1971Fellow of the American College of Physicians, American College of Physicians
    1973Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians, American College of Chest Physicians
    1976Western Society of Clinical Research
    1978Western Association of Physicians
    1989Outstanding Medical Specialist in the United Stated, Town and Country Magazine
    1992Morton Ziskind Memorial Lecutre, Tulane University
    1992The Best Doctors in America, Woodward/White, Inc
    1993The Harvey Lecture, Northwestern Ohio University College of Medicine
    1994 - 1995The Best Doctors in America, Woodward/White, Inc
    1995Outstanding Medical Specialist in the United States, Town and Country Magazine
    1995Who's Who in America
    1996Endowed Chair, The James C. Campbell Professor of Pulmonary Medicine, The University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center
    1996The Sam Sills Lecturer, American Lung Association of Los Angeles
    1996 - 1997The Best Doctors in America, Central Region, Woodward and White
    1996 - 1997The Best Doctors in America, Woodward and White
    19972000 Best Doctors in the USA., M M Braun Publications
    1998 - 1999The Best Doctors in America, Woodward and White
    2000The Stephan Kamholtz Visiting Professor, SUNY Health Sciences Center
    2000Colorado Pulmonary Hall of Fame
    2000America's Top Doctors, Castle Connolly Medical
    2001 - 2002The Best Doctors in America, Woodward and White
    2002The Presidential Citation and Lecture, The American College of Chest Physicians
    2002 - 2003America's Top Doctors 2nd ed., Castle Connolly Medical
    2002 - 2003The Best Doctors in America, Woodward and White
    2003Presidential Citation and Honarary Lectureship, American College of Chest Physicians
    2003 - 2004America's Top Doctors 3rd ed., Castle Connolly Medical
    2003 - 2004Guide to America's Top Physicians , Consumer Research Council of America
    2003 - 2004The Best Doctors in America, Woodward and White
    20048th Annual Robert Schrier Award for Excellence, Department of Medicine, University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center
    2004 - 2005America's Top Doctors 4th ed., Castle Connolly Medical
    2004 - 2005The Best Doctors in America, Woodward and White
    2005Leonard Hudson Lifetime Achievement Award, John Butler Lung Conference
    2005Establishment of the Marvin I. Schwarz endowed Chair for Pulmonary Medicine, University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center
    2005Establishment of the Marvin I. Schwarz Research Award, Coalition of Pulmonary Fibrosis
    2005 - 2006America's Top Doctors 5th ed., Castle Connolly Medical
    2005 - 2006The Best Doctors in America, Woodward and White
    2006 - 2007America's Top Doctors 6th ed., Castle Connolly Medical
    2006 - 2007Guide to America's Top Physicians, Consumer Research Council of America
    2006 - 2007The Best Doctors in America, Woodward and White
    2007Master of case Discussions Award, John Butler Lung Conference
    2007The William Parsons Visiting Professorship , University of Virginia
    2007 - 2008The Best Doctors in America, Woodward and White
    2007 - 2008Guide to America's Top Physicians, Consumer Research Council of America
    2007 - 2008America's Top Doctors 7th ed., Castle Connolly Medical
    2008Honorary Lifetime Membership, American Thoracic Society
    2008The Edward Livingston Trudeau Medalist, American Thoracic Society
    2008 - 2009America's Top Doctors 8th ed., Castle Connolly Medical
    2009Top 75 Reviewers for Chest, Chest
    2009 - 2010The Best Doctors in America, Woodward and White
    2009 - 2010America's Top Doctors , Castle Connolly Medical
    2010Top Reviewers for CHEST, CHEST
    2010 - 2011America's Top Doctors 10th ed., Castle Connolly Medical
    2011US News and World Report Top Doctors, Woodward White
    2011 - 2012The Best Doctors in America, Woodward and White
    2011 - 2012America's Top Doctors 11th ed., Castle Connolly Medical
    2012Top Doctors (Top 1%), US News and World Report
    2012 - 2013America's Top Doctors 12th ed., Castle Connolly Medical
    2012 - 2013Guide to America's Top Physicians, Research Council of America
    2013Selected for Inclusion into "Giant in Chest Medicine", Chest, American College of Chest Physicians
    2013Elected, Association of American Physicians
    2013The Best Doctors in America, Woodward and White
    2013Best Doctors for Executives, Colorado Business Magazine
    2014The Best Doctors in America, Woodward and White
    2014 - 215America's Top Doctors 13th ed., Castle Connolly Medical
    2015The Breathing for Life Award , The American Thoracic Society Foundation Board of Trustees

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    Research Interests
    The Genetic contributions to the development of IPF and the development of preventative therapies in patients at risk.

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    T32HL007085     (SCHWARTZ, DAVID ALBERT)Jul 1, 1975 - Jun 30, 2020
    Multidisciplinary Research Training in Respiratory Disease
    Role: Principal Investigator

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