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The ROUTT-B (Reduce Over-Utilized Tests and Treatments in Bronchiolitis) Study: Developing a Roadmap for De-Implementation

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This study will use the innovative application of dissemination and implementation (D&I) science to the unique problem of de-implementation. Within a learning health system called PEDSnet, Dr. Tyler will use the PRISM D&I model as a guide to: 1) use qualitative methods to define contextual factors influencing over-utilization in bronchiolitis from the perspective of healthcare providers, parents, and healthcare organizations, 2) develop a set of pragmatic, feasible, and effective de-implementation strategies for bronchiolitis that includes guidance on how to adapt the strategies to local contexts, and 3) conduct a pilot study to determine the feasibility, acceptability, and de-implementation effectiveness of the de-implementation strategies. As one of the first explorations of contextual factors fostering overuse or enabling
successful de-implementation, this study is expected to generate valuable knowledge relevant to de-
implementation across diseases and healthcare settings. The results will provide pilot data for a large-scale,
pragmatic, randomized-controlled trial of the de-implementation strategies so that ineffective and potentially
harmful medical practices are reduced.
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