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John Charles Trueswell

InstitutionUniversity of Colorado Boulder
DepartmentCognitive Sci Institute-Admin

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    R01HD037507     (TRUESWELL, JOHN C)Jan 1, 1999 - Jul 31, 2018
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R21HD078072     (THOMPSONSCHILL, SHARON L)Aug 5, 2014 - May 31, 2016
    Spontaneous Code Switching
    Role: Co-Principal Investigator

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    1. Hafri A, Trueswell JC, Strickland B. Encoding of event roles from visual scenes is rapid, spontaneous, and interacts with higher-level visual processing. Cognition. 2018 Feb 16; 175:36-52. PMID: 29459238.
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    2. Sanz-Torrent M, Andreu L, Rodriguez Ferreiro J, Coll-Florit M, Trueswell JC. Auditory word recognition of verbs: Effects of verb argument structure on referent identification. PLoS One. 2017; 12(12):e0188728. PMID: 29206841.
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    3. Boylan C, Trueswell JC, Thompson-Schill SL. Relational vs. attributive interpretation of nominal compounds differentially engages angular gyrus and anterior temporal lobe. Brain Lang. 2017 06; 169:8-21. PMID: 28236762.
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    4. Hafri A, Trueswell JC, Epstein RA. Neural Representations of Observed Actions Generalize across Static and Dynamic Visual Input. J Neurosci. 2017 Mar 15; 37(11):3056-3071. PMID: 28209734.
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    5. Nozari N, Trueswell JC, Thompson-Schill SL. The interplay of local attraction, context and domain-general cognitive control in activation and suppression of semantic distractors during sentence comprehension. Psychon Bull Rev. 2016 Dec; 23(6):1942-1953. PMID: 27230894.
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    6. Stevens JS, Gleitman LR, Trueswell JC, Yang C. The Pursuit of Word Meanings. Cogn Sci. 2017 Apr; 41 Suppl 4:638-676. PMID: 27666335.
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    7. Pozzan L, Trueswell JC. Second language processing and revision of garden-path sentences: a visual word study. Biling (Camb Engl). 2016 May; 19(3):636-643. PMID: 27212888.
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    8. Woodard K, Gleitman LR, Trueswell JC. Two- and three-year-olds track a single meaning during word learning: Evidence for Propose-but-verify. Lang Learn Dev. 2016; 12(3):252-261. PMID: 27672354.
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    9. Teubner-Rhodes SE, Mishler A, Corbett R, Andreu L, Sanz-Torrent M, Trueswell JC, Novick JM. The effects of bilingualism on conflict monitoring, cognitive control, and garden-path recovery. Cognition. 2016 May; 150:213-31. PMID: 26918741.
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    10. Trueswell JC, Lin Y, Armstrong B, Cartmill EA, Goldin-Meadow S, Gleitman LR. Perceiving referential intent: Dynamics of reference in natural parent-child interactions. Cognition. 2016 Mar; 148:117-35. PMID: 26775159; PMCID: PMC4724636 [Available on 03/01/17].
    11. Woodard K, Pozzan L, Trueswell JC. Taking your own path: Individual differences in executive function and language processing skills in child learners. J Exp Child Psychol. 2016 Jan; 141:187-209. PMID: 26454180; PMCID: PMC4628594 [Available on 01/01/17].
    12. Boylan C, Trueswell JC, Thompson-Schill SL. Compositionality and the angular gyrus: A multi-voxel similarity analysis of the semantic composition of nouns and verbs. Neuropsychologia. 2015 Nov; 78:130-41. PMID: 26454087; PMCID: PMC4633412 [Available on 11/01/16].
    13. Pozzan L, Gleitman LR, Trueswell JC. Semantic ambiguity and syntactic bootstrapping: The case of conjoined-subject intransitive sentences. Lang Learn Dev. 2016 Jan 01; 12(1):14-41. PMID: 26924950.
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    14. Pozzan L, Trueswell JC. Revise and resubmit: how real-time parsing limitations influence grammar acquisition. Cogn Psychol. 2015 Aug; 80:73-108. PMID: 26026607; PMCID: PMC4510030.
    15. Boylan C, Trueswell JC, Thompson-Schill SL. Multi-voxel pattern analysis of noun and verb differences in ventral temporal cortex. Brain Lang. 2014 Oct; 137:40-9. PMID: 25156159; PMCID: PMC4189997.
    16. Bunger A, Papafragou A, Trueswell JC. Event Structure Influences Language Production: Evidence from Structural Priming in Motion Event Description. J Mem Lang. 2013 Oct 01; 69(3):299-323. PMID: 24072953.
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    17. Cartmill EA, Armstrong BF, Gleitman LR, Goldin-Meadow S, Medina TN, Trueswell JC. Quality of early parent input predicts child vocabulary 3 years later. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013 Jul 09; 110(28):11278-83. PMID: 23798423; PMCID: PMC3710871.
    18. Trueswell JC, Medina TN, Hafri A, Gleitman LR. Propose but verify: fast mapping meets cross-situational word learning. Cogn Psychol. 2013 Feb; 66(1):126-56. PMID: 23142693; PMCID: PMC3529979.
    19. Hafri A, Papafragou A, Trueswell JC. Getting the gist of events: recognition of two-participant actions from brief displays. J Exp Psychol Gen. 2013 Aug; 142(3):880-905. PMID: 22984951; PMCID: PMC3657301.
    20. Sekerina IA, Trueswell JC. Interactive processing of contrastive expressions by Russian children. First Lang. 2012 Apr 05; 32(1-2):63-87. PMID: 24465066.
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    21. Thothathiri M, Kim A, Trueswell JC, Thompson-Schill SL. Parametric effects of syntactic-semantic conflict in Broca's area during sentence processing. Brain Lang. 2012 Mar; 120(3):259-64. PMID: 22225974; PMCID: PMC3299904.
    22. Bunger A, Trueswell JC, Papafragou A. The relation between event apprehension and utterance formulation in children: Evidence from linguistic omissions. Cognition. 2012 Feb; 122(2):135-49. PMID: 22055989; PMCID: PMC3246065.
    23. Medina TN, Snedeker J, Trueswell JC, Gleitman LR. How words can and cannot be learned by observation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011 May 31; 108(22):9014-9. PMID: 21576483; PMCID: PMC3107260.
    24. Chrysikou EG, Novick JM, Trueswell JC, Thompson-Schill SL. The other side of cognitive control: can a lack of cognitive control benefit language and cognition? Top Cogn Sci. 2011 Apr; 3(2):253-6. PMID: 25164293; PMCID: PMC4151259.
    25. Choi Y, Trueswell JC. Children's (in)ability to recover from garden paths in a verb-final language: evidence for developing control in sentence processing. J Exp Child Psychol. 2010 May; 106(1):41-61. PMID: 20163806; PMCID: PMC2835831.
    26. January D, Trueswell JC, Thompson-Schill SL. Co-localization of stroop and syntactic ambiguity resolution in Broca's area: implications for the neural basis of sentence processing. J Cogn Neurosci. 2009 Dec; 21(12):2434-44. PMID: 19199402; PMCID: PMC2762484.
    27. Novick JM, Kan IP, Trueswell JC, Thompson-Schill SL. A case for conflict across multiple domains: memory and language impairments following damage to ventrolateral prefrontal cortex. Cogn Neuropsychol. 2009 Sep; 26(6):527-67. PMID: 20183014; PMCID: PMC3791076.
    28. Nappa R, Wessel A, McEldoon KL, Gleitman LR, Trueswell JC. Use of Speaker's Gaze and Syntax in Verb Learning. Lang Learn Dev. 2009; 5(4):203-234. PMID: 24465183.
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    29. Papafragou A, Hulbert J, Trueswell J. Does language guide event perception? Evidence from eye movements. Cognition. 2008 Jul; 108(1):155-84. PMID: 18395705; PMCID: PMC2810627.
    30. Novick JM, Thompson-Schill SL, Trueswell JC. Putting lexical constraints in context into the visual-world paradigm. Cognition. 2008 Jun; 107(3):850-903. PMID: 18279848; PMCID: PMC3863633.
    31. Gleitman LR, January D, Nappa R, Trueswell JC. On the give and take between event apprehension and utterance formulation. J Mem Lang. 2007 Nov; 57(4):544-569. PMID: 18978929.
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    32. Novick JM, Trueswell JC, Thompson-Schill SL. Cognitive control and parsing: reexamining the role of Broca's area in sentence comprehension. Cogn Affect Behav Neurosci. 2005 Sep; 5(3):263-81. PMID: 16396089.
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    33. Kaiser E, Trueswell JC. The role of discourse context in the processing of a flexible word-order language. Cognition. 2004 Dec; 94(2):113-47. PMID: 15582623.
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    34. Snedeker J, Trueswell JC. The developing constraints on parsing decisions: the role of lexical-biases and referential scenes in child and adult sentence processing. Cogn Psychol. 2004 Nov; 49(3):238-99. PMID: 15342261.
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    35. Novick JM, Kim A, Trueswell JC. Studying the grammatical aspects of word recognition: lexical priming, parsing, and syntactic ambiguity resolution. J Psycholinguist Res. 2003 Jan; 32(1):57-75. PMID: 12647563.
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    36. Hurewitz F, Brown-Schmidt S, Thorpe K, Gleitman LR, Trueswell JC. One frog, two frog, red frog, blue frog: factors affecting children's syntactic choices in production and comprehension. J Psycholinguist Res. 2000 Nov; 29(6):597-626. PMID: 11196065.
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    37. Arnold JE, Eisenband JG, Brown-Schmidt S, Trueswell JC. The rapid use of gender information: evidence of the time course of pronoun resolution from eyetracking. Cognition. 2000 Jul 14; 76(1):B13-26. PMID: 10822045.
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    38. Trueswell JC, Sekerina I, Hill NM, Logrip ML. The kindergarten-path effect: studying on-line sentence processing in young children. Cognition. 1999 Dec 07; 73(2):89-134. PMID: 10580160.
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    39. Spivey-Knowlton MJ, Trueswell JC, Tanenhaus MK. Context effects in syntactic ambiguity resolution: discourse and semantic influences in parsing reduced relative clauses. Can J Exp Psychol. 1993 Jun; 47(2):276-309. PMID: 8364532.
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    40. Trueswell JC, Tanenhaus MK, Kello C. Verb-specific constraints in sentence processing: separating effects of lexical preference from garden-paths. J Exp Psychol Learn Mem Cogn. 1993 May; 19(3):528-53. PMID: 8501429.
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