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Mechanisms of gene expression control in the p53 networkGrant Why?
Biochemical Analysis of a p53 Isoform that Accelerates Mammalian AgingGrant Why?
Taatjes, DylanPerson Why?
Mechanistic Studies of Mediator and the p53 Tumor SuppressorGrant Why?
The p53 circuit board.Academic Article Why?
Espinosa, JoaquinPerson Why?
Terzian, TamaraPerson Why?
Regulation of Radiation Induced Cell Death in DrosophilaGrant Why?
Characterization and regulation of the MED17-p53 binding interface.Grant Why?
Irradiation selects for p53-deficient hematopoietic progenitors.Academic Article Why?
Stability of p53 homologs.Academic Article Why?
Mechanisms of transcriptional regulation by p53.Academic Article Why?
AMID in Apoptosis and p53-Mediated Downstream EffectsGrant Why?
Restoring expression of wild-type p53 suppresses tumor growth but does not cause tumor regression in mice with a p53 missense mutation.Academic Article Why?
Agarwal, RajeshPerson Why?
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