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Medication prescribing for alcohol use disorders during alcohol-related encounters in a Colorado regional healthcare system.Academic Article Why?
Stones and Moans: Higher Number of Nephrolithiasis Related Encounters Increases the Odds of Opioid Misuse.Academic Article Why?
The relationship between sleep and opioids in chronic pain patients.Academic Article Why?
Comparative Rates of Mortality and Serious Adverse Effects Among Commonly Prescribed Opioid Analgesics.Academic Article Why?
Prevalence and treatment of opioid use disorders among primary care patients in six health systems.Academic Article Why?
Outcomes from the medication assisted treatment pilot program for adults with opioid use disorders in rural Colorado.Academic Article Why?
COVID-19-related policy changes for methadone take-home dosing: A multistate survey of opioid treatment program leadership.Academic Article Why?
The impact of access to addiction specialist on attitudes, beliefs and hospital-based opioid use disorder related care: A survey of hospitalist physicians.Academic Article Why?
Using the Cigarette Purchase Task to examine the relative reinforcing value of cigarettes among mothers with versus without opioid dependence.Academic Article Why?
Opioid use disorder and overdose among youth following an initial opioid prescription.Academic Article Why?
The opioid epidemic in pediatrics: a 2020 update.Academic Article Why?
Management of opioid use disorder, opioid withdrawal, and opioid overdose prevention in hospitalized adults: A systematic review of existing guidelines.Academic Article Why?
The United States opioid epidemic.Academic Article Why?
Prescription Opioid Misuse and Risky Adolescent Behavior.Academic Article Why?
Opioid and non-opioid utilization at home following gastrointestinal procedures: a prospective cohort study.Academic Article Why?
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