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Provider Observations of Youth with Early Onset Severe Obesity in Tertiary Care Obesity Programs.Academic Article Why?
Indian students' perspectives on obesity and school-based obesity prevention: a qualitative examination.Academic Article Why?
The Primary Care Obesity Network: Translating Expert Committee Guidelines on Childhood Obesity Into Practice.Academic Article Why?
Obesity Management in Adults: A Review.Academic Article Why?
Postnatal Actions of Maternal Obesity on Neonatal Metabolic HealthGrant Why?
Obesity: childhood obesity--methylate now, pay later?Academic Article Why?
Differential regulation of nucleus accumbens glutamate and GABA in obesity-prone and obesity-resistant rats.Academic Article Why?
Obesity II: Establishing causal links between chemical exposures and obesity.Academic Article Why?
Vervet Monkey: Modeling Effects of Diet-Induced Obesity on ReproductionGrant Why?
Role of Islet-Infiltrating Lymphocytes in ObesityGrant Why?
Long-Term Weight Loss Strategies for Obesity.Academic Article Why?
Influence of Weight Loss on Obesity-Associated Complications After Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery in Adolescents.Academic Article Why?
Educational differences in mortality associated with central obesity: Decomposing the contribution of risk and prevalence.Academic Article Why?
Severe childhood obesity: an under-recognised and growing health problem.Academic Article Why?
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