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Involvement of reactive oxygen species in Toll-like receptor 4-dependent activation of NF-kappa B.Academic Article Why?
Postshock mesenteric lymph induces endothelial NF-kappaB activation.Academic Article Why?
The unique role of IkBa in modulating NF-kB activity in the newborn lung.Grant Why?
Distribution of NF-kappaB-binding sites across human chromosome 22.Academic Article Why?
Identification of a ZU5 and death domain-containing inhibitor of NF-kappaB.Academic Article Why?
Incontinentia pigmenti: a window to the role of NF-kappaB function.Academic Article Why?
Promoter of the human NF-kappa B p50/p105 gene. Regulation by NF-kappa B subunits and by c-REL.Academic Article Why?
Expression of LMP1 in epithelial cells leads to the activation of a select subset of NF-kappa B/Rel family proteins.Academic Article Why?
NF-kappaB signalling regulates the growth of neural processes in the developing PNS and CNS.Academic Article Why?
Characterization of mechanisms involved in transrepression of NF-kappa B by activated glucocorticoid receptors.Academic Article Why?
Coupling of a signal response domain in I kappa B alpha to multiple pathways for NF-kappa B activation.Academic Article Why?
NF-kappa B p100 (Lyt-10) is a component of H2TF1 and can function as an I kappa B-like molecule.Academic Article Why?
NF-kappaB functions as both a proapoptotic and antiapoptotic regulatory factor within a single cell type.Academic Article Why?
Hemorrhage activates NF-kappa B in murine lung mononuclear cells in vivo.Academic Article Why?
Increased NF-kappa B activity in B cells and bone marrow-derived dendritic cells from NOD mice.Academic Article Why?
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