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Research ethics dilemmas in thyroid disease.Academic Article Why?
Research ethics consultation: ethical and professional practice challenges and recommendations.Academic Article Why?
Research Ethics in Conscious Subjects: Old Questions, New Contexts.Academic Article Why?
Return of Positive Test Results to Participants in Sexually Transmitted Infection Prevalence Studies: Research Ethics and Responsibilities.Academic Article Why?
[Shall we ban industrial funds for research?].Academic Article Why?
A qualitative feasibility study to inform a randomised controlled trial of fluid bolus therapy in septic shock.Academic Article Why?
Coding Ethical Decision-Making in Research.Academic Article Why?
Ethical conduct of palliative care research: enhancing communication between investigators and institutional review boards.Academic Article Why?
Filling the Regulatory Gap: Potential Role of Institutional Review Boards in Promoting Consideration of Sex as a Biological Variable.Academic Article Why?
Heart Failure Site-Based Research in?the United States: Results of the Heart Failure Society of America Research?Network Survey.Academic Article Why?
Heuristic Patterns of Ethical Decision Making.Academic Article Why?
Improving researchers' conflict of interest declarations.Academic Article Why?
Research integrity: we are all accountable.Academic Article Why?
The ties that bind.Academic Article Why?
Clinical research in the lay press: irresponsible journalism raises a huge dose of doubt.Academic Article Why?
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